Meeting, Mating, Swiping and Liking: Which Dating Apps Do It Best?

Digital dating apps are a dime-a-dozen.

It’s mind-boggling to try and make up your mind which ones to sign up for. Guidance, please!

Don’t worry and chill, because this blog is written for singles who want to know which of the most successful dating apps are also the most popular dating apps. So, we’re going to make a mad dash through six of them.

Let the countdown begin!



At #6 Tinder is the most notorious but most popular dating app for hookups. Swipe right to ‘like’ and ‘left’ to dismiss. It’s easy-peasy.

Stats say an average Tinder user is on the app a half-hour a day, having completed 140 swipes. That’s not to say singles can’t find a serious relationship because 27% of them use Tinder for this purpose. What a lot of users like about Tinder is its geo-locator that makes spur-of-the-moment hookups exciting.

So, for those who like a walk on the wild side, Tinder is perfect.



The #5 spot belongs to Bumble, among the most successful dating apps. Its popularity is due to its ladies-first platform. Women do the initiating and men sit back and relax for a change. If a woman’s ‘like’ of a profile creates a ‘like’ in return, a match-up has occurred.

Bumble has accelerated in popularity because millennials have embraced its gender-reversal role-playing. Bumble seems like a typical hookup app, but users of all motivations have flocked to Bumble, often using the app for hours.


Coffee Meets Bagel

In the #4 slot is Coffee Meets Bagel. The pro feature—from a male standpoint—is the majority of users are female. The con is it’s a friend-of-a-friend dating app with the potential for embarrassing encounters in parallel social circles. Coffee Meets Bagel is compatibility-driven, but those interested in hookup sex can make use of the app also.

“Efficiency first” is Coffee Meets Bagel’s motto and this means 30 profiles or roundabout is what you’ll get every day. If you do take advantage of a chat opportunity it’s time-limited, motivating you to act faster. After all, you’re not on there to whistle Dixie.

New features include Photo Lab for your best headshot and Send a Woo, which is uber-liking someone.



Happn at #3 is about chance encounters, a world away from profile searching on other dating apps. Meeting someone on-the-fly can put a spring into your step. Happn’s geo-locator connects members who’ve crossed paths on any given day. Another pro feature is the secret ‘like’ match, avoiding rejections neither men or women relish. Signing-up is a piece of cake and there’s really no downside to Happn unless you prefer algorithmic searches.



OkCupid places at #2, considered the most successful dating app by users and reviewers alike. But we put it in second place, and for a reason.

Its platform does not support video messaging or live video chat. It is the standard profile, questionnaire, and searching dating app. It contains features like compatibility/incompatibility percentages and quirky questions like “are you a dog or cat person?” But a Snapshots feature has been added, so we’ll give them an A for effort.



Zepeel is our #1 pick of the litter. We think it is on track to becoming the most popular dating apps. It contains all the features that put it head and shoulders above other most successful dating apps. Users begin the Zepeel experience by uploading a fascinating 30-second video to capture the many roving singles on the platform seeking an attractive partner. Things can quickly segue from plus-ing back and forth, to texting up a storm, shooting video messages fast and furious, and live video chatting like there’s no tomorrow.

By our reckoning, Zepeel will soon surge ahead of the most popular dating apps to become the most successful dating app.

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