Men and multiple orgasms

Men and multiple orgasms

Let’s just say I stumbled on this by accident and I’m recounting my steps to achieving this, and rewiring it in a realistically achievable way for anyone that wants to give it a try, but I think I have it nailed down to a pretty good method. Get ready to do a lot of internal work because if you’re used to going for the kill right from when it slips in there then it’s going to take a good few months, maybe longer. Take me, I was the king of the 100 meter sprint. For me it wasn’t a marathon, it was a 100 meter sprint, you may even call it a 50 meter sprint. Nonetheless, listen on.

First things first, you need to think of your penis as a muscle. Like flexing your arms, you’ll always need to keep it in shape, whether that’s regular sex, regular masturbation or a combination of both, or just one. I’ve actually seen people go as far as tie weights to their members. But it works, I shit you not, the more you do it, the stronger and more able it becomes. No more willies getting sore after a long time being hard. And believe me they do, ouch!

Next for me I spent months, perhaps nearly a year just having sex for the fun of it. Not dashing to the finish line or finishing up quick, just enjoying it for the moment. Sometimes I’d orgasm, sometimes I wouldn’t, I’d just enjoy it, and also I’d spend days on end teasing myself, taking myself to the brink of no return, only to pull back, forget about it and get on with what I was doing. Really important this, it’s all about training your muscle as well as your mind. No more 100 meter sprints, it destroys being there for the moment.

Time to give up porn. Like, for reals. That stuff is very fake anyway. We live in curious times where the sight of sex is only a free click away. There was once upon a time where you’d have to buy it from the shop and be laughed at all the way home. I can see you rolling your eyes at what I’m typing but porn destroys the imagination. Remember the teenage days when you could take yourself off to the bedroom just remembering what whoever you fancied looked like on the day? Yeah, I do too. Take yourself back to those days. In your mind you can imagine anything, literally anything, and it’s powerful. Especially when you’re in bed with your partner.

When it comes to multiples I usually have them when it’s been a wee while since anythings happened, perhaps a week and I’m really feeling it. And when they come it’s like a fucking steam train to awesomeness. Please don’t think multiples are limited to full on sex with another woman, I’ve had them through masturbation too. I can’t honestly say that we as men, can have ten in a row, but I’ve experienced three, one after the other, all in very close proximity of each other.

I also think mental well-being plays a really big deal in this too, so don’t even attempt this sort of stuff if you’re really stressed or anxious about something at work, life or wherever. There needs to be a certain ‘at one with yourself’ type transparency, which can be achieved by having a relaxed state of mind. You know, happy, healthy mindset and all!

So, to recap,

  • Take your willy to the gym – it definitely needs a workout
  • Play with yourself and your partner, lots and lots – she’ll totally love that
  • Give up the sprint to the finish line – I swear she was bored with that anyway
  • Stop watching porn – stop groaning, you’ll thank me for it in the long run!
  • Maintain a healthy mindset – exercise, eat well, internalise your feelings, et al
  • Enjoy fabulous orgasms!

And that’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed that article!

Men and multiple orgasms

men and multiple orgasms
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