Why it’s not healthy to be an elitist, Trump fans

Why it’s not healthy to be an elitist, Trump fans

I try my hardest not to air my Political stance on everything; I like to remain pleasantly neutral on everything. However I feel there has been a humongous sway in Political terms towards blaming people that are different to the National status quo. Take Britain for example, since we recently opened our borders to Europe we had a massive influx of European people to our lands under the free roam trade rules. Whilst I think that’s a good thing; we have seen a huge rise in anti-immigration Political parties such as UKIP (UK Independence Party) and it’s really not because people normally hate others.

You see, the UK is under tough times. Wages have been frozen for at least five years now. We’ve stagnated in our jobs whilst the price of everything else has risen, and I’m not afraid to say that quantities have lowered too. Take a Mars Bar for example. Doubly expensive as it was ten years ago and half the size, or at least two thirds. Yet the Government have increased their salary twice now, and not by a small amount. Royals, minor Royals and elites? They’re making record salaries and incomes to what they were before the recession.

Yet on the other end of the spectrum there are homeless people, refugees, people in houses without adequate care, Prisons are overflowing, wages are stagnating, bankruptcies, food banks and Christ knows what else. The general population are angry, they are fucking mad. Seething to be exact. So what do Politicians like David Cameron and Nigel Farage do? They say, “see that Muslim / Romanian / Polish / random refugee / immigrant over there? It’s their fault. Oh, and that person claiming benefits? It’s theirs too.

But you’ll never get a solution. Oh no. Why would they want to give you a solution where the Status Quo needs to be maintained. They want everything to be sucked upwards, they want you to be mad at the wrong people. Are you telling me after six years of a Conservative government and all these awesome solutions have been applied? No they damn well have not. Of course they haven’t. They want you to be mad and angry at other people and they can keep doing as they please.

Then we have this Comedia.. err Politician? Can we actually call him that? Ok. We can. We have this Politician over in America – Donald Trump. People are angry in America too. Much the same problems as we have here. So Trump says, “all our problems. Don’t look at me for the solutions? Look! It’s that un-white dude over there. And you know what? That’s damn well un-American”

People say Trump speaks his mind; yeah, well so did my Alcoholic Dad and most of the stuff that came out of his mouth was shit, racism and bigotry. So what does voting for this waste of space mean? Well, it means that you’re obviously angry. Angry at life, your situation, one thing or another, anything. It means you’re an angry person. And you’re focussing you anger on people that are different than you. And you’re saying that they shouldn’t be in this country because they’re not from here. Basically because of their race / colour / origin you are putting yourself on a higher pedestal than others. So you’re an elitist now.

Do you know how crazy that sounds? You “think you are better” than someone else over something you had absolutely no control of. You couldn’t tell your parents where you wanted to be born, or what colour you wanted to be. You do know how ridiculous that sounds right? Have you no other life achievements that you feel proud of? So you latch onto the fact that you’re American / British. Trust me – in the real world, that’s not a great achievement at all. You were born. Everyone had that achievement. Well done you, let’s notify the fucking Oscars lol.

So what happens with all that hate? Well, unfortunately you’ll just hate all your life away. A new party will get in and you’ll hate what they say, and then another one will come in.. and guess what? You’ll hate that also.. and it will be this shit little life of hatred, xenophobia and unhappiness.

Can you change it? Well. For the little that have read this far, yes you can. I’m not saying you will change your Political views but you certainly can change the way you perceive the world. Why not ask yourself WHY am I angry? Look into your life and ask WHY am I unhappy? WHY am I blaming these people. Did EVERYONE of them I met make me angry? And then make the necessary changes. Look, you can sit there and whine, and bitch, and moan about what’s wrong with the world, or you can actively try and change it. I am. I’m involved in a ton of community grass roots Projects and have this blog. Why? Because I don’t want to sit there and whine about how the world can be a better place but do nothing about it.

As I ALWAYS say, change starts from within.

(Inspired by my dear friend Nici – she’s having a tough time at the moment)

Sorry about this post – normal service will be resumed 🙂


Why it’s not healthy to be an elitist, Trump fans
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