Online Dating for Introverts

Before we go over to the main topic of this article which is online dating for introverts, let’s first talk about what introverts are. An introvert is a shy and/or reserved type of person who prefers to be by themselves with their own thoughts and/or be with a very small group of people who they’re comfortable with.

As an introvert myself, I’m always stuck in a corner of the room with a smart phone in hand wishing I was at home reading a book and drinking hot chocolate whenever I’m in a social gathering. Not that I despise being around people, I prefer being alone or hang out with a close friend when doing my favorite hobbies.

But just because I’m an introvert, it doesn’t mean I don’t have friends. I do. I just only have a handful of them. Introverts tend to only have a few friends since most of would prefer a closer friendship and be in a deep discussion with someone rather than having a light chitchat with people that you barely know.

Based on experience, one of the worst nightmare an introvert could have is to attend a socializing event, whether it’s a birthday party or simply a group gathering where you don’t know anyone at all except for the one who invited you or who you came with. If you’re like me who’s an introverted and shy or the other type who is not and want to make friends or meet someone special, then online dating is the way to go!

Now that’s over and done with, let’s go over to the interesting part.

Online dating sure does have a considerable amount of dos and don’ts, benefits and disadvantages. But when it comes to introverts who want to socialize, then online dating is surely on one of the top things to go to.

But how can an introvert start with online dating? What would be the best thing to do when you’re socializing with singles online? Well, here are some practical and favorable tips on what an introvert like you and me should do:

Choose the best online dating site for you

Technology is evolving everyday and online dating sites as well. Every year, dating sites are getting more sophisticated and getting more “niched”. Before you ever decide to pick a dating site to register on, be sure you know the type of relationship that you’re looking for, whether it’s a serious relationship, friendship, or casual dating.

Also, be aware that there are also dating sites that caters for specific people. Like for gamers, farmers, single parents, or by race and ethnicity. This can be a crucial part in picking the right dating site for you.

If you happen to choose a racial dating site, let’s say it’s a Russian dating site. Be sure to research some Russian dating tips that would benefit you tremendously if you happen to meet someone from that dating site.

You also have to consider if the site is trustworthy enough for you to give your information. Do a background check on the site. Honest website reviews are always available on the internet. It’s better to be safe than end up with a broken heart caused by scammers and catfishers.

Have a one of a kind dating profile

There’s nothing better than having a kick ass online dating profile. By having a photo of yourself, preferable doing something cool like sports or hanging out with your pet dog. That alone could attract quite a number of prospective dates.

Another is your profile bio. Never leave your profile bio blank. I know being mysterious is attractive, but don’t go overboard on it. Especially if you’re using an online dating platform where people don’t know a single thing about you and will never know a single thing about you since your profile is as blank as a sheet of toilet paper.

For introverts, online dating is an awesome way to show their love of interacting through writing. That way, you can express yourself better compared to regular dating where you stress yourself out on what you’re going to say and ending up say the wrong things instead.

One thing to remember though is that it’s cool to be detailed on your dating profile, but be careful not to share too much information on it. It’s never a good idea to reveal your real name, home address, phone number, and email address on your profile. Even though the dating platform that you registered on doesn’t have a single scammer(which I doubt), it’s still important not to share those personal things on your profile which makes you vulnerable to scammers and identity thieves.

Be awesome on your first message

As I’ve mentioned on #2, Introverts like you and me love to interact with writing. But the downside is, we have a higher chance at sending long messages to someone who might not have a mutual feeling towards us.

It’s best to stick with a simple message with 2-3 sentences that states at what made you send them a message. Having a witty message is also a must, who wouldn’t want to reply from a humorous message that made them smile, right?

Keep it simple and straight to the point. Remember to don’t go overboard. If you don’t receive a response, then that’s okay. There’s plenty of fish in the sea.

That’s the beauty of online dating. If you get rejected, you can look for another match instantly or you can connect with multiple singles at the same time and weigh in who you’re most compatible with.

Patience is a virtue, my friend

A thing about online dating is that it can really put your patience to the test. There will be a lot of browsing, rejections, messages, and a whole lot more. Though if you’re lucky, you can meet your ideal partner on the first couple of months. But for most who are not so lucky may have to kiss a few frogs first before meeting the perfect match for them.

My top advice on this is to just never give up. Never give up searching for the perfect one. Never lose hope on love. Never be discouraged from being rejected. There’s a reason behind every rejection. Believe that love will come, for it will arrive in the most perfect and unexpected moment where you can be thankful for the struggles and rejections in the past which helped you develop as an individual and made you ready for a long term relationship.

Plan an interesting first date

If you’ve already met someone on the site, of course it’s a no brainer that you’re not going to keep in touch on the platform forever. You’re going to have to do an in person meeting down the road.

When both of you think it’s time to finally have an in-person meeting, many reactions could go through a person. Either they became excited, nervous, or just even cool about it, it’s important to plan on what both of you would enjoy.

If you both would much rather prefer to sit in a cafe and talk, then that’s cool. Or if both of you are in to doing something with a little more action like doing sports or attending events, then even better. It’s about finding out what activities that you both can mutually agree on and do together.

It doesn’t matter what activity it is, as long as you both can enjoy and get to know each other better.

Online dating for introverts

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