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Auntie Marilyn and Uncle Rab were the bee’s knees. I have a large American following so if you don’t know what the bee’s knees are, it means they were absolutely awesome. Those two could make a dose of constipation followed by the flu seem like the best day of my life if they really wanted to. I was 10. Or thereabouts. And it was around the time they had Mark, Louise and Gordon around at the same time that I was there. They were kids that they would babysit on a Saturday.

Mark was a year older than me. He was a well built, excitable young lad with loads of energy. He had a full head of ginger hair and freckles to match. And, if you wanted a hard punch in the face, try calling him, “Carrots”. He hated that, and as kids, we preyed on it. Louise and Gordon were the younger of the two. They were Marks younger twins. Usually, a day out with all of us would end up Mark and me versus the rest of them. They were little, they needed support. Which Auntie Marilyn and Uncle Rab were always doing. It was fun, though, and perhaps how I managed to get so competitive in my youth.

Silverburn was a small woodland area that separated the two golf courses in our town. There was Scoonie Golf course that was a council owned course. That means their prices were subsidised and the more cash-strapped of us could play golf. We all played on Scoonie. Then there was the Thistle. Now the Thistle was a Championship Course. A course that was once used as the Ryder Cup qualifier, and to play there cost an arm and a leg. It’s what all the young boys and girls wanted to end up playing. I never did in the end because I took to a life of drink and drugs. But, that’s another story entirely.

In Silverburn, there was a heavy woodland area there that had tree swings, and horses and animals. There was even a sort of small petting zoo where the kids could go in and have fun with the animals. But we were more interested in the beach area of Silverburn. From the woodland area, there was a small path that led through the back of The Thistle Golf Course to the beach. And this is where we’d end up when we were stuck for ideas. Auntie Marilyn and Uncle Rab would make one of their infamous picnics. I can’t remember what they packed but I remember it always being SO delicious that lunch time was always one of the highlights of the day.

So there we sat. At the beach. The Adults catching some rays and us trying to figure out what to do. Guess what? There was a little “burn” (tiny river) that trickled past us into the massive mouth of the Forth. We had the greatest of ideas. We were going to build a dam! A bloody big one too. We were going to block that water off and see how high we could get it. So Mark and I started to pile sand on the water. We found that, after at least 30 minutes of trying different things, sand was the best dam material. Well, obviously that peaked interest in uncle Rab and the wee ones wondering what we were up to.

They seemed to like the idea but off they went to do their own thing. We didn’t pay much attention to it because we were too busy building the next Hoover Dam at Silverburn. And we did it eventually. We managed to build a damn that came up to our knees. Quite big it was when I looked back. And, it managed to get a huge amount of water stored in there. It took us a good hour to build it. To wet the sand, solidify it, and stop the water escaping from the sides. Our dam was pretty immense. That was, until, we realised that the water flowing down into it was slowly beginning to subside. That was strange we thought. It’s never done this before and we’ve been coming here for years.

They had just gone and built another dam upstream from us. And, there was no way my Uncle Rab was going to let us have any of his water as he cackled evilishly. “Our water,” he said, as we bowed our heads in partial thought of how to tackle this next. Uncle Rab was a joker. He loved winding us up, Auntie Marilyn always said he was just a big meanie. Probably why I’m such a good problem solver now too. Uncle Rab was always sending me curve balls that I had to think of a way to get past. Mark and I chuckled together and we did the only thing we could think of at the time. We were slightly annoyed at what he had done. So mark took a small walk backwards. He stopped, truned to us and ran right into the dam that was being built. He tried to give it a hefty kick right into the middle of their dam but was fouled by my Uncle, as he grabbed hold of Mark. We were sent away.

What did we do? We built a far bigger and better dam mixed with sand and wood and stone. They wouldn’t try and destroy this one we thought. They couldn’t. It was too sturdy. We actually done so well at our building that my Auntie had to force us to let some water trickle down to their dam. The little ones were getting upset. We didn’t understand at the time, but under duress we gave way.

It’s a fun memory that one. One that I look back at and laugh. The fun we had as kids, and my Uncle acting like a big kid himself. It was nice those years. back then I didn’t have much to worry about.

After Silverburn it was back to the house for Uncle Rabs home made dinner. We were always lucky to be cooked for by him. He was able to cook these superb Chinese meals. He introduced us to bean sprouts as something different to rice. His cooking was amazing. It was literally the best thing we had to eat back then. My Mum, Gran and Grandad were amazing cooks too but they were more of the traditional variety. Uncle Rab, well. His cooking was something else. I always remember meal times there. They were amazing.

Auntie Marilyn was the one that encouraged us to write. If she were alive today I bet she would be really proud of how far I’ve come in my writing. She always knew I had a flair for it. Every day out we had she would always get a piece of paper at the end of the day and encourage me to write about our time together. Before dinner. Whilst Uncle Rab cooked. It’s what started off my train of writing. I was good at it in High School too, I just wish that I hadn’t discontinued it. But I started again, eventually.

Lots of happy memories in my life. I chose this one because it’s raw and innocent.

I hope you enjoyed it!

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