I stand tall with survivors

I stand tall with survivors

Over the last year has been an absolutely incredible journey for me. I’ve met some of the most amazing people that I could imagine meeting. And I’ve also gained probably the best blogger sphere that a person like me could every hope for.

I stand tall with survivors.

The people that I have met have survived the most amazing life journeys. Journey’s that even the most jaded person would have a hard time grasping the concept of the turmoil and strife they have been through. And yet they take to their blogs daily and bleed from the jugular over their pages until you can hear the shrill screams of the repeated anguish and turmoil in their work.

Frankly, it’s nothing short of beautiful.



As a young man, I was always taught to stay away from those that have the most baggage. I know, cruel and stupid, right? This was the general consensus of what my current friends viewed the world at that time. But I disagree. I disagree wholeheartedly.

The more I stand with survivors the more I am realising that these people actually have the life experience that others do not. They’ve damn well lived through it and worn the T-shirt. These are the one’s that take to their writing and help other people with their words because they have experienced the true trauma and the toll that it has taken on them. They can say this happened to me, I hope this doesn’t happen to you.

And this is why I have found a lovely home amongst these people. I am a survivor too. I’ve been beaten, walked all over, used, abused, manipulated, financially abused and a plethora of other things.

A plethora.

This is why Linkyourlife connection is like an absolute home for me. A place of non-judgement. No ego. No anger. No besting. No withholding. Just pure love and compassion. You have a question? It’ll get answered. You need help? Someone will help you. You just need to talk? You bet someone will lend an ear. It’s a beautifully set up Facebook group for writers that want to just get ahead.

It’s been a hub for me. If I hadn’t have found this place I’d still be wandering the interwebs like a lost soul, struggling to find a place to fit in but never really truly fitting in anywhere. Don’t get me wrong it’s not for lack of trying to find groups. I must be in at least 40 writers groups. But in none of them have I found a home, or met so many wonderous people than from linkyourlife connection.

It’s where I met Shawna Ainslie from the Honeyed Quill, and learned her story. She taught me how to truly bleed over the page. Shawna taught me how to change my writing from a factual account of events into a screaming, dark, emotional account of perilous events. Or, happy ones!

Then there’s Darla. She was the second person that I met – and perhaps when I realised that I wanted to be a Huffington Post blogger. I learned from her how to talk about the stuff that I really couldn’t. That I had tried hard to suppress. I had realised from her that the hardest posts are the best posts because so many people can relate.

And I learned about Rawrwords. Which is by far one of the blogs with the rawest writing I have ever seen. I’ve yet to ask who owns that site – nevertheless. Pretty damn good writing.

And I’m sorry but if I mention the people I’ve met since then I’d be here all night. But, hit me up if you want some credit and I’ll add you to this post. My community is amazing.

And if you’re a survivor, like me, and the rest of my community; hit us up. If you feel you want to say things but you’re scared that the fire inside will tear the shit out of the sofa whilst throwing your computer monitor out the window without barely getting a tenth the way through your story, you’re not alone.

Come see us 🙂

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I stand tall with survivors
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