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purgatory and no leverage

    Photo Credit:  Sopwell Memories

Words Written in Marker

Grief leads such a contrary existence. People have to die in order for it to be born. My brother died in Richmond, Virginia on...

Mrs. Knapp’s Ice Cream Cone

The first school I attended was the storied one-room schoolhouse. An old whitewashed building with a red roof and a vane on the peak,...

Breaking with Tradition: our November Call

UGH! Pictured here is a tragedy of tradition. What I have fondly come to think of as Mr.-Tippy-Head-Candy-Face came into my life, um, some time ago. I...

Quality of Life and Iftar Ghazel

--   -- Photo: Leland Kent/Caters News  

The Big Bang of Self-Awareness

Twenty-three and recently single after a painful break-up, graduated from college but still waiting tables, I pretended to myself that I was already both...

More Than a Teacher, He was a Mentor

Mr. Joe Bryant was an educator who demanded excellence in his students and taught me the true meaning of being a man and leading...

I sit on other people’s porches and Here’s What Scares Me

I sit on other people's porches originally published in John's collection "dig it"

Lessons at 40

This past July and August, I worked on my tan. As I sit here typing my nose is even a little sunburned, something I...

Stories from the Borderline of Hate and Suspicion

In the locker room of the gym yesterday, three men changing their clothes near to me were talking about incidents of road rage and...