Premier Tefl. Travel the world!

Premier Tefl. Travel the world!

Or “Tefl” as it’s best known as in the teaching profession. I’ve always wanted to travel the world. Ever since my Mum’s long term partner sat me down and my eyes widened by amazement as he told me that computers were the next thing on the market. I should get myself involved with them. He had me dreaming visions of me sitting on the sun-kissed beaches of Mauritius sipping cold Sangria from a tall glass (I was 10, I didn’t know what Mauritians drank!), getting a call from my superior asking me to be at the other end of the world in a day to fix a mainframe.

Wellllll. That never happened. But what Premier Tefl offer you is somewhat similar, albeit relaxing in a hammock on the company payroll. Teaching English as a Second Language has it’s benefits. As a teacher myself in the past I have connected with many Tefl teachers online and offline. The one thing that resonated with these people is that culture and opportunity interested them a great deal. Many had spent a vast amount of time travelling the world, seeing new places and embracing new cultures.

If you don’t know what this entails then I’ll give you a breakdown. When I first heard of this type of course myself I thought how do you teach English to a class of people that don’t know your language? And that’s the beauty of it. Empathy, Compassion and an understanding how to communicate effectively right? We’ve all been in a different country trying to communicate our needs to someone that doesn’t know our language? You need not know another language. Only English

It’s also a very sought after course in Britain too. With people from far and wide landing fresh on our shores without knowing a single bit of our language the first thing they want to do is learn it. Your employability will go up, and your success. Just take a look at all the Tefl vacancies in London!

Premier Tefl offers a wide range of packages from standard online learning from accredited and leading tutors, to internships and amazing teaching experiences! Seriously. I’m going all goosepimply writing this (yes, I’m remembering my memories of Youth and Spain! We all have those, uh huh!), It’s definitely not an experience to be missed.

Tefl teachers also use this as a way to fund their travelling campaigns. If you’re a student and the thought of travelling the world has come up and quickly died again because of the debt and lack of money? Think no further, Tefl pays you. Because you are essentially working whilst on holiday

If I wasn’t Married with a Child in tow I would be off sightseeing and travelling the world as many ways as I can. The world is a huge place packed with endless opportunity. As Horace said,

“Carpe Diem”

– Seize the Day.

Book your slot today! 🙂


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