Ten Mistakes Men Do In Relationships

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Men are considered to be the ones who mess up in the relationships, though I don’t agree with it. Actually, dating, as well as living together, is a constant mutual work, and both members of the couple can be guilty for one or another particular thing. Today we will enlighten you on most common mistakes that drive women crazy and give some tips to boost your relationship Hey, she’ll whine less after you read this:


Messy stubble, excessive weight, bad breath or overall lazy mood is a horrible mistake! A woman wants to see a strong lively man with her.

Inattentiveness to details

She tries her best to look perfect for you (if she does). Look how she changes hair-styles, hair color, buys new clothes, and you say it’s good enough anyway and she is better without makeup at ll. Imagine you made a bomb redecoration for her and she responds with a weak ‘nah’ or doesn’t even notice. That’s an ouch!

No goal in life

If you have only home-work-sleep-eat schedule, she won’t see any potential as in a partner. How old are you, buddy?


If your woman starts getting some extra-pounds and you lie that she looks good anyway, it’s a huge mistake! Not only that’s unfair, but you’ll regret eventually when she’ll continue eating so much because you called her skinny anyway. When women ask for opinion they want a genuine answer, not praising.

Lack of considerate tactics when it comes to her beauty

For a woman beauty is like your power, money, status, car, career and self-esteem in one bottle. She thinks it’s really important for you to invest in her beauty, style, education and other improvements. Those who think that giving a smile is enough and not wanting to gear the beloved person up is normal are funny people. Yes, the way of thinking is quite ancient with all equality and women rights, but all loud feminists low-key want to be treated like princesses by a handsome man.

You have to be a boss of everything besides relationships

It’s just not your field. If the woman tells that this or that will be better for both of you, don’t be stubborn and listen to her. Ladies were born with intuition when it comes to love, gentleness, loyalty and so on. If she tries to tackle the problem with your sister’s wedding, don’t even touch her with your man logic.

Lack of determination

If a man becomes spineless, a woman automatically grows some balls. She’ll drive you crazy after the first boss battle and you’ll get mutual disapproval towards each other. Be as strong as an ox.

Development pause

It’s a very important rule: if you stop evolving, she’ll stop either and vice versa. If you want her to develop – start with yourself. As soon as you’ll abandon your hobby, she’ll follow your attitude…or abandon you instead.

The unknown

If the man stops asking his lady’s opinion, he loses her support. You don’t have to rely on your girlfriend/wife wholly, but you better express interest. This is very important for her. Trust and respect are what people seek in relationships.

A woman chooses a man, not vice versa

She chose you, believed you, made you a part of her life; she loves you and forgives, and when you start forgetting about some small and big sacrifices, one woman in the world cries.

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