The beauty of Scotland

2013 was my last trip to Scotland. To say that I miss my homeland would be a complete understatement. I’m not detracting the beauty that is my surroundings here; but I miss my Mum, I miss my friends, and I miss my family. Since my Dad died I stand alone in my side of the family, isolated, over 300 miles away. It’s just lucky that I have created my own little family unit now, dependent on my love that I give them, and vice versa.

I’m going to kick today off with something different. Today I’m going to reminisce. Think back to a time that was fun, and relaxing for the family up in Scotland, and yes, we have pictures to prove it! So without further ado, here’s our family trip to Scotland in 2013 and:

The beauty of Scotland

I have a close friend since times long gone living close by in Cambridge, and when I told him that we were planning to take a trip to visit the family in a few weeks he jumped at the chance to help us out. He let us park our car outside whilst he would take us into Stansted for the flight up. Really nice of him, right? Yup! Totally. He’s one of those old childhood friends that go back to primary school.

Anyway. Before we left he insisted that I took a picture of him and his family on my new DSLR camera that I managed to salvage from my Dads belongings. And me being a kid in a new candy store I jumped at the chance.

Barry Caroline and family

This shot was before Barry gave me the middle finger and Caroline slapped him for it. You can see the slight devilish smile in his face if you look closely enough! Hah.


It wasn’t going to be Alex’s first flight. When Alex was still in a pram and we had two jobs and savings we went all over the place, but being skint for a while had left Alex forgetting that he had ever travelled, and a new plane journey was exciting for him! Or at least we had tried to make it that way.

Alex watching

“Look, Daddy, I can see Aeroplanes,” Alex tells us in a Stansted Airport bar.


Meeting Mum again was a big event for me, and her. We hadn’t seen each other in the physical sense for at least a year, so seeing as it was blistering hot the day after we had settled in, my Mum and StepDad has a barbeque. Lovely it was, “taps aff” weather in Scotland.

Mum enjoying a drink

To the right is my Mum. She’s reading one of those glossy magazines with the two-bit horoscopes in them, “I’m dead into them, Son” she’d say whenever I try and tell her about them. To her left is a nearly empty glass of Irn-Bru, the coca cola of Scotland, and at the back is the Chef of the day, my Step Sister, Carol, off to cook us a lovely barbeque, mountained with meat. Mmm.


The next day, another of my childhood friends popped up through the keyhole. My good friend Andrew. He had the most awesomage ideas of doing a bit of sightseeing around Scotland. Andrew is a bit of a hybrid. He sports a full garrison of grey hair on his head aeons before his time, you can usually find him wearing clothes that would rival the most seasoned Pokemon gamer, and he spends most of his time in a conversation talking about technology. Yet, you wouldn’t guess that he’s been to more countries than you or I. He’s literally travelled the world, seen the sights, sampled cultures, done what the Romans done. And if that wasn’t enough he has a photo collection to match.

So we spent the rest of our week touring Fife and Strathclyde, visiting venues such as Loch Leven, St Andrews and Loch Lomond.

Loch Leven

This is the Castle island in the middle of Loch Leven


Loch Lomond

A boat gently creeps out into the distance over Loch Lomond


St Andrews

St Andrews from the beach, right from the back of the “olde” golf course.


And if you think that was our trip done then think again. We get around, don’t we? That was only the first week. We were holidaying for two weeks, and by God was the weather hot. I can’t say I’ve ever experienced a week like this in Scotland, ever. People were stripped down to their shorts, and only that! “Taps aff,” they call it.

The second week we went to my Aunties Caravan in a secluded area just past Dunkeld, one of those “blink and you’ll miss it” places. The park was in a very quiet and closed away area, away from anywhere. To say it’s lovely is an understatement. We spent a week there, touring, holidaying and just generally having fun. It was super relaxing, and the amount of times we just sat there relaxing in the sun was unreal. Alex loved my Aunties. He was barely with us for the whole holiday.

Isla and Alex

Isla and Alex having fun with bubbles at the caravan


more isla and alex fun

Isla and Alex with a dodgy shot of my Uncle Rab in the background


Caravan Park

The Caravan Park we stayed in, secluded in the Perthshire hills


My lovely wife

My lovely wife, we went out and had a drink in Dunkeld for the evening thanks to my family watching Alex. A rare occasion for us


hilltop view of perthshire

Uncle Rab and I went for a walk. We climbed to the summit


The Hermitage

We passed the Hermitage – I just Had to give this a snap


All in all, it was a beautiful holiday. We achieved lots and lots of things, and it certainly beat sitting in the house with absolutely nothing to do. And Natalie and Alex witnessed another world, a very different terrain and climate to that of humid, southern England. Another notch on their travel maps. I’m hoping to make it this year too. And I want to go even more places! I’ll be cornering Andrew of course, so if Andrew’s reading this he better stock his car up with lots and lots and lots of petrol!!

The trip home was sad. In essence, we didn’t want to leave. We didn’t want to go back to normal, boring and trivial routines, but we had to. It was sad to go. Sad to leave the wonders of Scotland behind. But before I went, I just HAD to snap this beauty.

Forth Rail Bridge

Forth Rail Bridge snapped from South Queensferry


And then we went home. Back to our normal routines and way of life. And I sit here now writing this to you because I’m getting homesick. However, I’m really hoping to be up this year. Really. I hope it’s amidst the week of summer we get up there. Hah!

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