The Burden of Being Your Daughter

Your marks are
imprinted on my skin
and coded into
each of my cells
like a cage
made of DNA –
destined to pass to
my own progeny.

I carry the rage
of generations
but dam the
spread of it
with my bones –
like a salmon who
swims upstream
yet refuses to lay
eggs in the home
where it was spawned.
Rather, sniffing with a nose
harvested from imagination,
finds an alternate stream.
The ancient memories
strained through my
own interned flesh.

I carry the weight
of the ancestors
but leave them behind –
forgetting the unforgettable
bearing the weariness
that comes from
carrying looming eggs
of lost descendants,
without abandoning
hope they will
hatch free of
your legacy

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Bridget Crocker

Bridget Crocker is an outdoor travel writer who has guided remote expeditions down many of the world’s wildest rivers. She is a contributing author to The Lonely Planet Travel Anthology and The Best Women’s Travel Writing series, with work featured in Men’s Journal, National Geographic Adventure, Trail Runner, Paddler, Outside, SNEWS and Vela among others. She has just completed work a memoir.

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