The Meaning Of Pearl Engagement Rings by Kevin Pham

The engagement is that milestone is a couple’s life when they decide to solidify their relationship in the hope of getting married in the not too distant future.

An engagement varies from culture to culture around the globe, but one thing for sure is that it’s a happy moment that is celebrated and the beginning of marriage preparations for the couple’s union.

Pearl rings are not your normal traditional engagement rings; these rings symbolize much more and have a large history of why they are the better than most engagement rings. Pearls are obtained from the mollusk family, deep on the seabed. They have no special formation process other than they are produced as a method of cleanliness by the oyster. The pearls are formed in the soft tissue of the oyster. When sand or dirt enters the oyster shell, it wraps the intrusion with a compound called nacre.  This nacre has used the coat the dirt with several layers, and a pearl is formed. Pearl is the only among all the elements used as a symbol of unity that come from the sea. These pearls are harvested and sold to jewelers. They need no special care or polishing technique as nature has already taken care of it.

However, oyster farmers now place a piece of dirt or grain of sand in an oyster to produce pearls. This is called pearl farming. We have two kinds of pearls — saltwater and freshwater.

The history and the origin of pearl date far back to the Greeks. The pearl was known as the “queen of the gems” and symbolizes humility, loyalty, generosity, perfection, incorruptibility, purity, and harmony. The pearl is also known to have magical powers and gives the wearer a calming aura, balances one’s strength and relationship and as a symbol of protection against fire and dragon over one’s life and children.

There are four known types of pearls:

The Akoya pearl, harvested off the coast of Japan for over 100 years is the most classic and natural pearl yet. It is white but also comes in other colors like gold and blue and a favorite among pearl lovers.

The freshwater pearl are the most commonly found pearls and are the most affordable; they have more luster than the Akoya pearl. Their sizes range from 5mm to 12 mm, but the larger sizes of 20mm have been harvested.

The Tahitian pearl is harvested from French Polynesia and is the only pearl that comes in beautiful black colors. The Tahitian pearl also comes in a variety of rainbow colors, but the black is the most beloved one. They are round or oval and highly sort after because of their color and extremely valuable. They range in sizes from 8mm to 15mm despite the shape.

The south sea pearl is harvested from the seas of Australia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. They come in softer shades of white like gold and are fashion-forward statement pieces. They are round in shape and sizes range from 10mm to 14 mm.

Why choose a pearl engagement ring?

A pearl engagement ring is not your typical and conventional ring but can add class and pizzazz to any ceremony because of their calming look and effect. Choosing a pearl ring, you have to consider the following:

•    Have a price range in mind: regardless of the fact that they don’t cost as much as diamond they are also quite expensive, especially when other gemstones are added to it to enhance its looks

•    The shape that fits your finger and lifestyle

•    Purchasing from accredited buyers to avoid buying fake

•    They can be customized to suit your day

Pearls mean different thing to different people.

•    The meaning of a pearl can make your day as it is with its “magical” quality.

•    Having pearl engagement rings is an eye-catching jewelry that gives an air of sophistication and beauty

•    Pearls are considered as everlasting, and an engagement ring means the couple with having a long-lasting relationship (till forever)

•    Pearls symbolize purity and chastity which say a lot about the lady that wears it

•    Pearls are timeless and unique

Pearls have a lot of meaning, both spiritual and physical. These precious stones have been mention from the day of Jesus and scripture from the bible to other gods, czar, kings, queens, emperor, and dignitaries over the ages. It has also been used to describe the heavens and paradise as an exotic place. So whether you want a pearl for an engagement or wearing it because of its beauty, get one and be on the list of dignitaries to rock the precious stone with class and style.

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