11 Ideas to make yourself more attractive to men

11 Ideas to make yourself more attractive to men

Ever wondered why you aren’t attracting that awesome guy you’ve been dreaming about for ages but he hasn’t quite noticed you yet or even acknowledged that you exist? Or that guy you just can’t stop being around. Well, believe it or not appearances count, and the buck starts with you. So if you aren’t impressing enough, game over my friend. Here’s a few great and awesome tips for you to appear more dating worthy:

1    This man impresses you enough to make you want to date him right? Show him; walk           over and talk to him, be impressed, let him talk you into a frenzy of wowness

2     Always laugh at his jokes; no matter how awful they are

3     Be relaxed around him. Nothing says confidence better than a woman in her comfort             zone. This will in turn make him feel more comfortable around you!

4    Confidence is a very attractive trait in a woman. Every man loves a woman that knows         what she wants and how to get it

5     Wear clothes that boost your figure, but nothing too revealing. Revealing means one             thing in our minds. We don’t take revealing women home to meet our Mums and that’s a       well known fact.

6    Don’t try to attract guys with partners. That can lead to messiness. Make your life                 simple.

7    Start doing something for nothing. Join a cause or a charity. Nothing says “wow” more           than a person that’s a giver before a taker

8    Smile and smile lots. The more you smile the more people feel comfortable around you.

9    Learn to dance and dance well. People associate dancing and movement co-ordination           with sex. The better rhythm you have on the dance floor the more approachable you’re         going to be!

10  Keep a positive mindset. Always talk about positive and upbeat things. No-one wants to         hear about your horrible time with your ex, or the bad day with your mother. Save that         for an intimate relationship, and behind closed doors with your friends.

11 Don’t hold grudges. If you’re trying to move forward in life the last thing a prospective            man wants to hear is your hatred towards your ex. Make sure you’re completely over            them before making the slightest step forward to new relationships.

That’s it for now. A short and sweet one today. I’ve been really busy doing other things so today’s one was quick. I’ll treat you all with a long one tomorrow 🙂


11 Ideas to make yourself more attractive to men
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