Tips to stop smoking

Tips to stop smoking

I was 11 at the time. I had just started high school and the kids at the back of the bus smoked. They were totally cool. They were so beyond cool it was amazing. I wanted to smoke. Because only the superbly amazing people smoked. I remember when Barry managed to get us all a cigarette. I remember the feeling of power that it gave me. I hadn’t felt powerful since forever. Or even ever. I was going to do this and no-one was going to stop me.

I can remember the five of us crowding around the cigarette like we were trying to split up a fistfight. I can remember each of us trying to have our turn to take a drag of that all important cigarette. Some taking more than others, and the moans from the rest of the crowd. “That’s too much. I want some”.

The cigarette tasted foul in my mouth. How can anyone do this I thought to myself as I took my second drag from what seemed to be a death rod. The texture in my mouth I could only describe as a coal man’s rag trying to clean off the smoke stains from his unkempt window. It was awful. But I wanted to be cool. I can remember being at a cross roads. I wanted to smoke and be cool yet this fire stick tasted like my Gran and Granddads ashtray. I reserved judgement for a little while.

It all went belly up when Barry was caught. His Mum and Dad were like super detectives, same with Andrews. Sliding secrets past them were like trying to slide a ten foot elephant past a mouse. It just wasn’t going to happen. It petered off then. There was only Ken and I; yet we wanted to keep doing it. I can remember getting a drag from this guy behind the bike sheds that was 20 foot wide and twenty foot tall. He laughed when he told me that I didn’t inhale and I “Ducks arsed” the cigarette. Ashamedly. I gave up. I threw in the towel

I didn’t fully start smoking until I was 15. And I started to because it gave me a head buzz with drinking beer. Would you credit that? My friends told me I’d end up getting addicted yet I didn’t listen to them. Once the head buzz stopped I tried to stop. But that was me hooked. My Mum was in bits because she hated smoking! Despised it. Yet she had to learn to live with it because I smoked for almost 18 years.

I eventually stopped. I was a heavy smoker. At the end of it all I was on nearly 60 per day. I would smoke one at least every quarter of an hour or less. I loved smoking. Truth be told if it weren’t for the extreme price hikes in cigarettes I wouldn’t have stopped. But Alas I had to. It was costing me too much. Here’s how I did it. Here are my tips to stop smoking

First of all. If you’re anything like me and snore a lot then when you stop smoking you might want to consider these. Vital Sleep have been a godsend to me. Mainly because my normal sleeping position is on my back. And when I stopped smoking and put on a bit of weight, somehow (I’m not sure how) my tongue started to restrict my airways. These amended this and now I sleep awesomely. I’d definitely recommend it! No more waking up feeling like I’ve had a half sleep!

I tried everything under the sun. My first port of call was to go cold turkey. Some people have had luck with this. My friend went cold turkey and gave up, so I tried it. I sucked though and ended up suffering from night sweats and the shivers. Before you know it I was cracking open that unopened packet and lighting away before the evening was done.

I also tried patches. Patches did absolutely nothing for me because every time I put a patch on, it somehow sent me spiralling into thinking I needed another cigarette. Every time I wore a patch I could guarantee you I would end up smoking more that day.

I also tried tabs. The small tabs were useless. They dissolved under my tongue leaving a yucky taste there and did nothing for me. Perhaps after smoking that day I did feel a bit more light headed than usual.

The gum was awful. I can remember trying that stuff and forgetting that I was chewing nicotine gum. I ended up smoking a cigarette at the same time and needless to say I felt sick. This did nothing for me, even after I was properly using it.

And then there were the lozenges. Actually the lozenges worked the best for me for a while. I think my record was two days because those allowed you to suck for a long time. I enjoyed sucking. But again, the cravings became too much for me.

I finally managed to quit when I found e-cigs. Or electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes were my saviour because not only did they give me the sensation of smoking, they cost far less. Previously I would spend around $600 per month on smoking, yet now I barely spend $40. Seriously. It can be quite expensive purchasing your kit at the start but the benefits are outrageous. I saw 95% more cash in my wallet, and my family are a lot happier now!

Here’s some of the physical benefits:

  • Through switching to e cigs I can run faster
  • My breath has come back – so I have more stamina
  • My circulation is better than ever, so no more pins and needles and weird sensations in strange places
  • I have all my taste buds back, and wow. Food has never tasted this good
  • My clothes don’t smell any more
  • Neither does my hair, hands, jacket or breath
  • My wallet has never been healthier!
  • I engage with 100% of people now and not only the people that can stand cigarette smoke
  • I get more opportunities in the work place

And that’s only half of it. I really hope this helps you. There are other options out there. Don’t just settle on the patches like we did. It took me a long time to realise there were far more options out there.

Hope you enjoyed my tips to stop smoking

Good luck!



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