Treasure (A Love Letter to an Abused Child from the Sparkliest Star in the Sky)

Beautiful child, I am way up here, dancing with the moon, looking down, seeing everything. I see cars, cats, and candy canes. And I see you. A treasure. You know all the beautiful stuff in movies about magic, rainbows, and sparkling jewels? That’s what you look like to me.

I know this may surprise you, because some people have said they see only ugly things when they look at you. But can I tell you a secret? The people who said you were bad are broken.

“How are they broken?” you ask. “They look ok to me.”

They are broken in an invisible place, the part of them that connects their eyes and their minds. Their eyes see treasure, but their minds don’t know what to call it. They get confused and think treasure is something else, something bad. Sometimes they even try to hurt the treasure, because the broken place inside them hurts so much, and they think if they hurt something else, maybe the pain will go away. (It never does, as hurting people only causes more pain, not less.)

Do you know these people became broken? Once upon a time, someone told them that they were ugly and bad, and they not only believed it, but they also could no longer recognize beauty. When they looked at treasure, all they could see was trash.

Broken people sometimes go through their entire lives without seeing treasure. Feel sorry for them if you can, and feel angry if you must, but don’t believe them.

Go to the mirror and look at your face. Look deep into your eyes. See all the colors? See the way they shine? That’s because you have treasure inside you. It makes you sparkle from the inside. Recognizing the beauty inside of you will help you to start believing in yourself.

The world is so pretty. There are so many beautiful things to love. Rainbows and rainstorms and rabbits. And you. Beautiful, perfect: a treasure.

A sad reality is that there are many broken people in the world, which means that there will probably be some people incapable of seeing you for your most treasured self. If you start to doubt yourself, just look at your reflection in the mirror to see your shining eyes. No one can ever stop your eyes from shining. They can never, ever change what you really are.

You sparkle so much, treasure-child. Because you glow and shine so brightly, I think that you must be a star like me.     

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