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Welcome to Heart and Humanity Magazine, the latest incarnation of the ever-expanding venue The Relationship Blogger which is the brain (and heart) child of mental wellness and relationship coach Raymond Baxter. In his words, “this site began as a home for what he has learned through personal experience and work with individuals in the Mental Health sector, and as a medium for connecting the dots between people to encourage love, clarity, understanding, and well-being.” A little over a year ago, Raymond brought on Shawna Ayoub Ainslie as his Editor-in-Chief and opened the door for submissions; the growth has been rapid and the responses open-hearted.

Readers and writers alike know they can come here to both listen and be heard; to share stories that may have remained in the darkness otherwise; to open their minds and even their souls to learning, wisdom, truth, and clarity.

When Raymond asked me to join the team a few months ago, that was about as easy of a “yes” as I have ever spoken. I had met both he and Shawna during my nascent tenure as Editor-in-Chief at OTV Magazine and knew they were both people I work with easily and comfortably. Raymond and I had collaborated on many of his posts and I was always impressed by the brash vulnerability of his writing; he is a no-stone-left-unturned kind of man, and apart from the breathtaking honesty of his work, he is also a dream to edit because of his open-minded humility.

Raymond Baxter lays his heart and soul bare and has no judgment as to how you respond to that; in my experience, most readers are drawn to him like moths to a flame.

As The Relationship Blogger grew from a personal blog to a publishing venue, the sorts of topics tackled and expressive genres used expanded exponentially. With this in mind, my first conversation with Shawna after accepting the position of Managing Editor basically consisted of me pitching an even more amplified format; she liked the idea, so we brought it to Raymond and he ran with it. We all conspired on what kind of a platform we want to provide for not only our regular writers but new voices as well.

That is how Heart and Humanity: A Magazine Celebrating Unity and Diversity was born. Everyone is welcomed here, and our tagline “One Heart, Many Stories” speaks to our collective belief that while we are One, our unique journeys always benefit from the witness of each other. We are here to hear each other, to support each other and to learn from each other.

For the month of July (and perhaps onward!), we want to know the answer to this question: What do Heart and Humanity mean to YOU?

Do those words conjure something global or deeply personal? Tell us your stories about family, community, spirituality…it can be as straightforward as a childhood memory or as complex as world peace. Bring your heart and humanity to our table so we can all enjoy the feast!

As we are growing we ask for your patience; we want to open our door to as many voices as possible, so if your initial submission isn’t accepted, please try, try again! We want to hear from you; we want you to be part of the conversation.

Your heart and your humanity have a place here; you are not just an honored guest, you are part of the family.


Fondly, Kara Post-Kennedy

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Kara Post-Kennedy

Kara is Managing Editor at Heart and Humanity Magazine as well as an editor, columnist and social interest group leader at The Good Men Project. Read her on Huffington Post and her personal blog "Your New Best Friend". Follow her on twitter @kpk_newbf


  1. can i get your mailing address to submit my work – i wrote for small press and underground newspapers from 1966 to 2005 when hurricane rita wiped me out – it took years to find the home i have now and i decided to write 4 books the 1st published work and 2nd a bio/novel – i would like your opinion about my work – the 1st book you could publish any piece you like – the 2nd book experimental – you could use quotes or just enjoy the read – thank you for your time trouble and consideration – dail e chaffin

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