Where Is Your Stress Coming From?

Stress is now such a byword for apparent success or social prowess that we have come to regard it as somehow essential or even noble. But there is nothing noble about a condition of the mind and nervous system which leaves the body and psychology worse off, and which raises the risk of every major disease and illness known to humanity. Stress is an illness like any other, and we should work to keep it at bay as much as possible in our lives. Despite what we have come to believe in this culture in recent years, stress is not your natural way of being. Your body at rest should not experience stress; if it does, it is an indication that something is wrong. But when we go to treat or heal our stress, it can be hard to pinpoint where it is coming from. There are so many stressors in the average life that discovering the worst offenders might be hard. In this post, we will look at some of the likely stressors which are present in your life. Dealing with these is a good place to start.

Your Job

Ask anyone what stresses them out, and most people will mention their work. Whatever it is that you do, you will find that there is always the potential for it to cause you stress, and on the face of it it might seem like that is unavoidable. But there are many things we can do to reduce and remove work-related stress, and it’s important to make sure that you are doing as many of these as you can at all times. First, let’s not forget that not all jobs are made equal; some work is far more stressful than other work, including (at the extreme end) sex work trauma addiction problems and so on. So the first thing is to make sure that you are working a job which is not overly stressful or traumatic at least. Then it is a matter of managing it during the day. When you go into work, be sure to say to yourself that you will remain calm. When problems crop up during the workday, deal with them easily and calmly as best as you can. This will help you to keep work-related stress at bay.

Your Relationships

We’re not just talking your intimate relationship here, but any that you might have with any of the people in your life. Just the act of being in a human relationship means that there are going to be stresses, and you need to make sure that you are aware of this so that you don’t end up putting too much pressure on your interactions with others – that, after all, will only cause yet more stress. As long as you treat people well, they will generally treat you well in return. When you still have problems crop up, just remember that these tensions always go away in the end, so try not to make too much of a big deal about it. If you can do that, you will be able to greatly reduce the amount of stress your relationships cause.

Your Past

It might be that there are occasions and memories from your past which are affecting your mind’s ability to remain calm. If you feel this is the case for you, you should absolutely make sure to try and get to the bottom of it as best as you can. If you can do that, it will mean that you will be able to keep a great deal of the daily background stress down, which will in turn make everyday stressors much easier to deal with. This might require you going to therapy or even just talking it out with a friend of yours. As long as you are gradually dealing with the things of the past, and learning how to leave them in the past, your stress levels should decline over time.

Your Sleep

Perhaps you are not getting as much sleep as you would like to, and this is affecting your stress levels. This is something that can absolutely have a hugely profound effect on how stressed you are, so it is worth looking into if you are hoping to improve your stress levels. If you think you could do with getting a bit more sleep, consider making some changes to your evening routine to make that happen. You might want to reduce the amount you use screens, eat less before bed, and do some light exercise in the afternoon too. All of this should help you sleep, and when you sleep better your stress will dissipate much more easily.

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