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I keep banging on about Hitch and what a great film this was if we strip down the fabric of what it is essentially telling us and analyse it. No, I don’t mean go all out and spend a fortune on a dating guru, or a pick-up artist to tell you what you already know. We already know this stuff, it’s actually hard-coded into the fabric of our DNA believe it or not, we’ve just lost our way a bit. Anyway, that’s beside the point. Guys (or girls if you swing that way!) I’m going to tell you how to take a woman out on a date that she’ll find amazing.

There’s no science behind it really or trick, all you need do is listen! Listen for fuck sake! I agree, I know what you’re thinking right now – I’m a good listener! Actually, you’re not and I’ll tell you why. Women can listen to three conversations going on at once, watch the TV, co-ordinate their child and talk on the phone whilst doing the Ironing all at the same time. Us men are geared up to have one conversation at the same time and if we’re interrupted, game over. I’m like this, my Dad was, you are and so is your Son. Face it, we’re a bunch of ill equipped listeners. And that is why we must work at our listening skills. However, I do know some of you are into active listening which is awesome. Click on the link to learn more!

active listening

So. We like a woman right? In my opinion it is essential to get to know the lady before jumping right in there and asking her out. I’m not much of a blind jumper, I like to get to know my ladies first before I know what I’m getting myself in to. And, if there is a spark then I’ll know why. My wife, I sat at my desk talking with her for at least a month before I made any move, but I’m a bit of a slow mover.

Get to know her, learn what she likes, her dislikes, what her favourite movie is, where her home town is, sports, plays, hobbies, the lot. Once you gleaned this information from her – and people are usually really transparent to above the surface personal stuff, you can start to arrange the date. Oh! Ask her out first, yes! Mustn’t forget that 🙂

An example – now I’m not exactly saying I’m a dating guru here but this will show your other partner that you’ve went to the effort. This is important.

I have a friend that once dated a girl many years ago that he met just after I left school. She lived near my Aunties and she was a recent School leaver too. I knew her through my Auntie and we’d often talk lots and hang about through mutual friends – my friend being a mutual friend too. Anyway, she was a girl that absolutely loved horses, had books about them and watched them on TV, however riding schools were far away and her family didn’t have a car to take her. They also lived in the middle of a concrete jungle so there was no chance she was getting anywhere near them. My friend? What did he do? Crafty bugger booked an hours horse riding session at the nearest riding school. He had a car of course. You see? He listened and then thought was put into it 🙂

riding school

People love thoughtfulness; they might pretend they don’t but I’ve always said I prefer a hand made birthday card to the most expensive Hallmark one. I’m sure you would too. Thoughtfulness goes a long way and this is what you should implement on your day/evening/night. No bragging either! Please don’t make the mistake that if you think your date is having an excellent time to remind her the lengths you’ve went to secure whatever you’ve done for her. Seriously? That’s just pure arseholery right there. No-one wants to go on a date that will make them feel that they’re indebted to you forever.

So! I hope this has been useful tip for you! – please feel free to check out my “get the new you!” section that I’m working on. I’m hoping to have a whole list of all encompassing ideas and avenues for you to walk down by the end of this week. I’m trying to cover the Body, Mind and Soul – because it’s all important, all connected! The more you have interlinked and speaking with each other the better your life becomes. Anyway, chow for now 🙂

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