About Me

Who am I?

Well, that’s a double-barreled question, isn’t it? I am many things to many people. So let’s start off with that that I know.

Here’s me:

Raymond Baxter
Raymond Baxter

Yes, this picture was taken five years ago when I looked half-decent before my fatherhood age started to take hold. Late nights and early mornings with a young autistic boy will absolutely do that to you. I’d rather present you with a nice picture than the melted smudged mess that is now me! Haha.

I’m a loving father, husband, and outspoken traditionalist. I hate Politics with a passion so don’t be surprised when I’m not PC with my articles in futrue, because let’s be real here. The real world isn’t PC, it’s raw, and uncomfortable, and dirty.

Why do I think I have the experience to give you the advice that I do?

Okay, so I’ve worked in Mental Health for 10 years.

I started off as a service user and worked my entire way up to project-managing an entire town catchment area (and surrounding area). Let’s just say I walked into it with a lot of problems, and walked out of it relatively healthy.

My experience with the industry has been diverse, and I’m old enough and ugly enough to understand that the individual is key. We’re all members of certain groups, yes, but the human is more diverse than you can imagine. Every time I think, oh, wow, so “x” group really does “y” then, someone comes along to show me that I’m wrong. Almost always.

I am a man of many failures, and of course, a man of many triumphs — I also don’t buy into this modern perfection Politics; we as humans are flawed. I try to embrace that.

Okay, awesome and all, do you have any other work we can see?


huffpost-raymond baxter

I was on the Huffington Post before the contributor portal was closed down;


I am also regularly writing on The Good Men Project. Have done since 2015.

If you hunt hard enough you can also find me on Thrive Global

That’s great and all but I’ve noticed that your writing has changed as have your opinions.

Honestly? Aren’t we all a bit like that? If you aren’t constantly reflecting on and challenging your own opinions and biases then aren’t you just stagnating? Aren’t you just staying the same. That’s no fun! I keep the articles I have written on here to remind of of the journey I’ve taken and the obstacles I’ve overcame.

I speak raw, and from the heart.

What happened to the magazine that was here? Err.. heart & humanity?

Heart & Humanity was my ultimate vision — I wanted everyone to have a voice. I come from a background of trauma, and my way of healing was through writing. I wanted people that were able to, to have a voice. But like with everything in the voluntary sector, if it doesn’t receive funding then it doesn’t happen. I had a substantial pot to fund this from my own pocket in 2017. Sadly that dwindled in 2018 and until we had to close our doors in June 2018. I’m still recovering from this now, and there are authors still needing to be paid. Rest assured I’m working hard on it.

Anything else?

Yes. I have a secret non-mainstream life in cryptocurrency. I’m a BIG investor in Bitcoin and all things decentralized because I’ve always believed in community and small government. I regularly write on Steemit and I’m building tools and apps to go with that.

You can totally strike up a conversation with me here! But be prepared to learn about cryptocurrency in exchange!