October Call for Submissions

Fall is creeping up on us, and “creepy” might be a fun prompt for the spooky month of October.  Have you ever had an experience you can’t rationally explain?  Do you believe in spirits or spooks?  Do you find yourself at a loss while contemplating the great mysteries of life?

“Life is a Mystery” will be our next monthly theme and we are interested in your stories!  From good old-fashioned “whodunits” to the paranormal to the spiritual; share with our readers how life’s mystery enchants, teaches or boggles you.

Tell us your tales as personal essays, fiction, or poetry. We will accept 10-12 paid pieces per month; to be eligible, your October submission must be received at [email protected] by September 15th.

Please note that as of our September issue, our pay rates were adjusted to the following:

$25 for personal essays and works of fiction 1200 + word count

$15 for shorter essays and fiction

$15-$20 for 1-2 poems

We will reserve the right to offer more or less based on length and need for edits.

We also will accept a limited slate of previously published material, but only original content will be financially compensated.

Please refer to our master submissions page for details on how to submit and invoice.

At Heart and Humanity, Shawna, Raymond and I are committed to not only promoting new voices and the work of writers we admire and respect, we also believe that being able to provide some compensation for your work is an important way we demonstrate our respect. I am sure as we continue to grow, these fees will shift; but for now, this helps us provide payment to a larger number of contributors. Thank you for understanding how important this is to our mission.

We look forward to reading your work! ~Kara

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Kara Post-Kennedy

Kara is Managing Editor at Heart and Humanity Magazine as well as an editor, columnist and social interest group leader at The Good Men Project. Read her on Huffington Post and her personal blog "Your New Best Friend". Follow her on twitter @kpk_newbf

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