February Call for Submissions: Life-Changing Encounters

In February, our thoughts often turn to love, partly because we’re cold and bored with Winter, but mainly because of the cultural omnipresence of Valentine’s Day,  a festive dash of color right smack dab in the middle of the short, grey days.  We all love to hear stories about chance encounters that led to romance, either short-lived or long-lasting.  We are captivated by the notion that a stranger could somehow alter the course of our lives on “one enchanted evening”.

At Heart and Humanity we want you to share these very stories for next month’s issue; but don’t limit yourself to tales of love.  Have you ever had a life-changing encounter with someone (or something)?  Who springs to your mind when we ask the question—name a person who changed your life?

Of course, this could be as straightforward as a friend who saw you through a dark night of the soul or a teacher who ignited a previously dormant passion in you; or as whimsical as an author or artist or songwriter who influenced the direction you took in life.  The strangers we cross paths with who become friends or lovers, or those who simply helped us out of a jam and then faded away.  Even an encounter with spirit, the supernatural, or the unexplainable might spring to mind if it somehow set you off on a new journey.

We want your stories as essays poems, or even fiction.  Share with our readers your life-changing encounters.

We will accept 10-12 paid pieces per month; to be eligible, February submissions must be received at [email protected] by January 20th.

Please refer to our master submissions page for details on how to submit and invoice for payment.

We look forward to reading your work!

~Kara and Shawna

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Kara Post-Kennedy

Kara is Managing Editor at Heart and Humanity Magazine as well as an editor, columnist and social interest group leader at The Good Men Project. Read her on Huffington Post and her personal blog "Your New Best Friend". Follow her on twitter @kpk_newbf

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