SPRING BREAK! Call for Submissions

Last June, when Raymond, Shawna and I decided to fling open the doors to The Relationship Blogger and create Heart and Humanity, we knew we were taking a risk; TRB had a defined niche but we wanted to be able to share topics on a much broader scope with our readers and the response from incredible poets and writers literally from around the world has been tremendous.  In the past 8 months, we have read over 1,000 submissions for our chosen themes and have at times have been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content and talent that have been made available to us to select from.

Due to both budget and team-size constraints, we have only been able to publish a few more than 100 poems, essays and stories with you, but we have been thrilled to do so, and are grateful for the many voices and perspectives we have received on such varied subjects as “Life-Changing Encounters”, “Breaking With Tradition”, “Life is a Mystery” and even “Road Trips”.  You have had the opportunity to read world-class poetry, heart-wrenching confessions and gorgeous prose on these pages, thanks to our incredibly talented contributors.

So now reality sets in—we have been working overtime to make this happen every month and all three of us have decided it is time for a SPRING BREAK!  What this means is that we won’t be publishing on our usual thrice-weekly schedule and we won’t be offering an opt-in pot until we have managed to both catch our breath and catch up on our accounts.  However, if anyone has any posts you are willing to share on the topic of SPRING or SPRING BREAK, we will occasionally be posting at will.

Because we will be unable to offer any compensation until we resume our normal publication schedule, we would especially welcome your reprints on the topic.

We will not be manning our normal submissions folder so if you would like to send something in, you can submit it directly to me at [email protected].

We look forward to the dawn of spring and a new season for Heart and Humanity.  We also welcome your suggestions for future themes!  Either leave them in the comments or email to me.  Thank you for your readership and loyalty while we spruce things up (Call for Submissions, SPRING CLEANING?) and we hope to hear from you soon.

Kara, Shawna and Raymond

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Kara Post-Kennedy

Kara is Managing Editor at Heart and Humanity Magazine as well as an editor, columnist and social interest group leader at The Good Men Project. Read her on Huffington Post and her personal blog "Your New Best Friend". Follow her on twitter @kpk_newbf

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