Someday, she would come with the lamp and say it is all I have

Someday, I would stand below that childhood lamppost and search once more the never published words

Someday, I would knock the rusted door and wait for the footsteps inside

Someday, I would cross the level crossing before the train goes and walk in that unknown road forever

Someday, I would pause before the blind beggar and asked him about the song he sang last

Someday, I would walk in naked feet to the boat on the Ganges and look for Haran Majhi, who is long dead, taking away my childhood with him

Someday, I would enter the old College door and stand before the empty Room.No 42

Someday, I would stop at Madox Square and try to see my young face kissing a girl who turned to woman before me

Someday, I would walk the night from street to street with a slice moon

Someday, I would lie again in that empty bed where I first made love

Someday, I would write those words, in that Spring when the flowers would be kissed again

Someday, I would love a girl again and tell her my whole story

Someday, I would run from past to present and then to future like the films of Ray

Someday, I would see myself in mirror and smile with what I am

Someday, I would come back again here and say the woman , how I exchanged all my early births

And how I lived this one damned life!


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Subhadip Majumdar

Subhadip Majumdar is a writer poet from India. He is certified in Creative Writing from University of Iowa. He also edited for a long time a reputed Bengali poetry journal. Wrote a short novel as Tumbleweed writer in Shakespeare and Company, Paris. Stories and Poems published all around the world. Two poetry books published and one novel in process of publication.

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