Depths of a Reflection

The girl who saw a monster reflection,
remained drawn by the death made of sea.
It was me, there among the bubbles of a chest vacuum
and the looks of all those in school.

Marching, aligning and laughing at my faults,
allowed them to point the claws,
I let the laughter echo,
I allowed my hair, my race, my personality,
my weight, my tastes to be taken to the bottom of the ocean.

I tried to go to the surface over the years.
and I kept letting their poison infiltrate
for every layer of life I still had.

Only when mirrors were mirrors
and the differences in me, were drawn in butterflies
Finally, I understood the beauty of my tastes,
my hair, my personality, my race, my weight.
My self was fluid and honest discovering the sun,
the bubbles and the sea distanced themselves
and following the moths, the sun found me.
Gliding in my own density, my reflection was the sky.

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Cristiane Vieira de Farias

Cristiane Vieira de Farias was born in 1987. Brazilian writer. Graduated in Production of Electronic Music. First place in a competition Japan Haicai and Third place in the Flibo Prize.His texts have been published in anthologies, magazines and collections. Her book of poetry ''Distorções'' was launched in 2015.

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