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Heart and Humanity is a quickly growing empowerment platform based in the UK. It is owned and operated by Raymond Baxter. Hosted at, this magazine seeks to expand the insight it offers by hosting new and diverse voices on the topics of love, sex, relationships, dating, mental health, art and life. All perspectives are welcome as we believe in humanity as one heart, many stories.


At its initial launch in March 2017, Heart and Humanity was unable to compensate writers. However, our site has grown. An opt-in pot is now established based on site revenues. That pot is currently $200 per month. We select only 10-12 paid pieces per month. Rates are as follows:

$25 for personal essays and works of fiction 1200 + word count

$15 for shorter essays and fiction

$15-$20 for 1-2 poems

We will reserve the right to offer more or less based on length and need for edits.

We also will accept a limited slate of previously published material, but only original content will be financially compensated.

Changes to Submissions as of May 3, 2018

  1. We will no longer be syndicating posts. Instead of syndicating, The Relationship Blogger receives first digital rights, first anthology rights, a minimum of 30 days exclusivity on content and a link back to the original post if that content is republished after the 30 day period.
  2. Writers should make us aware their work is being republished, where and when. By agreeing to publish on The Relationship Blogger, you agree to have your work partially or fully featured on our sister sites and feeds run by Raymond Baxter and Shawna Ayoub Ainslie including those on as part of our full marketing practice. We love when our writers are republished, so it is in both our interests to make sure we choose the correct republication option and timeline for you on our sister sites when you are entering a contract with a non-TRB publication. (Basically, we don’t want to get in your way.) Earnings from republication on sister sites support the running of this site and payment of authors.
  3. Payment will remain opt-in. This allows us the flexibility to choose more or fewer pieces per month, but still reward writers for the quality of their work.
  4. We will be scheduling at least one month in advance. Previously we have accepted and published pieces within the same calendar month. We will now be accepting pieces not less than one month before they are to be published to allow for more writer-editor engagement as needed.
  5. We are now only accepting completed, original pieces. Don’t pitch unless you have been writing with us for awhile. We want to see the work you are ready for us to place on our site. And we want it as a .docx in a 12 pt standard font as well as pasted in the body of your email.
  6. Include your brief, third person bio with social media links and headshot with every submission. 
  7. All images including headshots must be attached to the email rather than sent through dropbox or within the body of your document.
  8. You must include your PayPal address with your submission.

Guest Posts

A guest post is an unpaid feature with no out-going links. This may be original content or something previously published. Paid posts are original content only. We do ask writers to wait 30 days before republishing, and that, should the piece already be featured elsewhere, it was published at least 30 days prior to running on Heart and Humanity.

Our submissions address remains: [email protected]. The submissions email is checked once a week. Please allow two full weeks for reply. We are currently scheduling a full month in advance.

Rules for Sponsored Content

Your content will be considered for a sponsored placement if it meets the following conditions:

  1. It includes any outgoing links beyond those allowed in your bio unless you are one of our original columnists.
  2. It advertises a product or service.

If your submission does either or both of the above and is approved to run, you will receive an invoice which includes your publication date from [email protected] that must be paid prior to your piece being run. This also applies to podcast mentions and visual ads placed on our site.

For both submissions and sponsored content, you can expect to work with an editor to be sure your work is at its best. We reserve the right to change publication titles and to optimize content for SEO through the use of key words. Feel free to send SEO suggestions with your submissions.

Please direct all sponsorship inquiries to [email protected].

Invoicing changes begin June 1st, 2018. While invoices must still be received no later than the 1st of the month following publication, they now need to be sent from your PayPal account to ours. Here’s how:

Changes to Invoicing

  1. Login to your PayPal account. Please note we currently only pay through PayPal.
  2. Create a PayPal invoice billed to [email protected]
  3. Each line item should list one piece by title with “Quantity” as “1” and “Price” as “__.__ USD” according to the rate quoted to you upon acceptance.
  4. Check the box that reads “Allow a customer to leave a tip.” If we have extra in our monthly pot, this is how we will share it with you.
  5. Send your invoice.

Late invoices cannot be paid because we are using an opt-in system based on a monthly budget. It is the writer’s responsibility to invoice correctly and on time. Writers may invoice anytime during the month of publication and until the first of the month immediately following publication.

If you have questions, please contact Editor in Chief Shawna Ayoub Ainslie by emailing [email protected]

We Want to Work with You!

Is all this nitty gritty intimidating? Don’t worry. Submit.


Raymond Baxter, Owner and The Relationship Blogger

Shawna Ayoub Ainslie, Heart and Humanity Editor-in-Chief

Kara Post-Kennedy, Heart and Humanity Managing Editor

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Shawna Ayoub Ainslie

Shawna Ayoub Ainslie is a mental wellness advocate and writing coach in Bloomington, IN. She teaches writing through trauma for release and recovery to survivors and veterans through the Center for Creative Writing, Ivy Tech Community College, and Survive Your Story. Shawna is also The Relationship Blogger's Editor-in-Chief.


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