He Said, She Said

his profile said
he wanted honesty & loyalty & long conversations over dinner with wine
but the tap of his fingers & twist of his lips & and the way he gripped her hips
told the tale authentically
bathed in the long ignored neon lights of the signs
he wanted
false positivity & respectability
without comments on his incorrectness & she
would be hastily buried by the falling falsehoods
she fought against on her own dime
so here she lies
cuz the truths she spit
cut folx to shreds & the yard was littered
with debris & she
signed her name to the papers & begged
“please..remember me”

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Sumayyah Talibah

Sumayyah Talibah lives in Michigan with her husband, kids, cats, and piles of books. She makes jewelry and sips tea in between reading and reviewing anything with words.

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