Prince Harry, Prince William and Duchess Kate talk about Mental Health – and I’m really impressed

I’ve never been a fan of the Royals. To be quite honest I’ve never paid them any attention whatsoever. The last time I had any interest in what the Royal Family were doing was when Princess Diana was alive, and that was only because of my Mum. Mum would always say to me,

“She’s one of us Son. She get’s involved”

But since her death it seemed the Royal Family for me faded into the background. Apart from the time they studied at St Andrews University; that was big news in Scotland at the time. And not very far from where I previously lived. But apart from that I’ve never taken any interest.

Then this happens:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry #OkToSay film

Please take a moment to watch this new film featuring The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry that has been released as part of the Heads Together campaign’s #OkToSay series.
The film captures a conversation between Their Royal Highnesses that occurred at Kensington Palace as they looked ahead to this weekend’s London Marathon and reflected on the growth of the campaign over the last year.
The conversation covers a range of topics including the emotional changes new parents go through, bereavement, the stresses of modern childhood, and dealing with trauma in the workplace.
The Duke and Duchess and Prince Harry are incredibly grateful to everyone who has shared their stories in recent weeks. And having asked others to start conversations on mental health with their friends and families, they wanted to show that they are taking part as well. They hope the film shows how positive a conversation on mental health can be.

Posted by The Royal Family on Friday, 21 April 2017


For me this is a HUGE statement. This is a family of people that have segregated themselves away from society for centuries on the pretence that their blood is better than ours. But in one heartfelt swoop they’ve actually just admitted they are just like us. They experience the same problems as us and life is just as difficult for them. Because it is. Losing a Mum is not something that many people go through at such a young age as these two did, and I expect it had a tremendous impact on their Mental Health. It’s very nice to see them following in their mothers footsteps.

William and Harry talk about losing their mother. I had never thought of it like this but it must have been extremely difficult in their younger years processing the loss of a Mum. And for the first time they’ve sort-of opened up about it in the vdeo above. It’s quite amazing to see; publicly admitting that they are not perfect. And of course they’re not. Just like you and I.

In their discussion they raise a really valid point, and it’s one that I’ve been trying to convey for years. That no-one is perfect. Facebook and other social media can often give the notion that all of your friends and acquaintences are living perfect lives when you are there swimming in muck; when actually they are not. They are only allowing you to see what they want you to see. It was very heartwarming to see the Royals come out with this.

Perhaps I’m warming to them for the first time ever.

If you want to know more about what they’re doing – head over to the heads together website!

The royals talk about mental health - and I'm impressed

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