Why seeing the world as ‘abundant’ will improve your life ten fold

The word ‘abundant’ if you didn’t know means ‘plenty of’ so I’m basically saying that whatever you do in this world or take your skills to, view it as if there’s plenty of it. And that’s anything, friendships, intimate relationships, people, skills, opportunities. Yes, the world is full of everything.

As a young man the world seemed very small and close knit to me. Opportunities were scarce, people were too, and women were few and far between. I had my eternal pessimistic blinkers on. I lived in a small town where friend circles were large and very close. It was known that some of my friends had shared partners in the past. It’s a good portion of why I was seeking to do elsewhere, the notion of dating a partners ex girlfriend was quite sickening. Yet, for me, there wasn’t much around because I didn’t see the world the way in which I should have.

I remember when I first took to work. I remember working super duper hard for my employer and trying to please him in every way possible in hope that I wouldn’t get fired. I remember the anxiousness at home, at night, worrying that I would have a job in six months or not. I couldn’t see the opportunities that lay in front of me for my eyes being tightly shut.

And dating was like a grab all I could get game. I would go for the lady that showed me the tiniest bit of affection, not caring whether it could have been potentially toxic or not. And I remember the lonliness that I had succumed to, being alone, at night, desperately seeking someone to love me and vice versa. I was a nice man, why couldn’t I get that? It often resulted in me pairing myself with people that I wouldn’t naturally pick for partners.

And when I first ventured into the world of business. I remember being petrified, again, thinking I had to grab everything I could get because proceeds out there were slim, that people would only buy from the best of services, and that if my services weren’t completely greased and worked upon, no-one would use me. I was a sort of neurotic mess.

I had known about abundance for quite some time. I mean I knew the mindset that I had to get into but wasn’t really sure how to achieve it. I had recently read ‘no more mr nice guy’ by Dr Robert Glover which completely described my mentality to a fine art. The book painted a picture of my entire life up until that point, my failings, my wrong doings, everything. It enabled me to acknowledge that I needed to change my way of thinking. And then I went on a spiral of change.

I need to be totally honest with you, abundance didn’t just come overnight for me. It took a lot of work on myself. Because narrowmindedness is everywhere we look. Adverts tell us that we’re broken to sell their products. The news tells us we should live in a constant state of panic, and the internet seems to cobble both of those together in one big nasty cesspit of horribleness unless you learn to look elsewhere.

Today I push against the grain. There are literally 6 billion people on this planet. That’s a lot of damn people. Plenty to go around. And it would probably take two whole days in an aeroplane to circumnavigate the world. So we’re in a pretty damn big place. There is more than enough everything to go around. If I had never met my wife, and I was single right now I’m sure there would be plenty of suitable women that would be a suitable match for me. My business and blog, well, there’s 6 billion people in this world and growing, that’s a lot of clicks and potential people to network with! And my alone time is where I have some of the best ideas.

Everything is everywhere. It’s not just about seeing the world as a plentiful environment though, it’s also about knowing that if you wanted to you could do it. I could see a hundred potential matches for dates in my area but if I didn’t have the confidence to try them out, then that’s not abundance. Abundance is a mixture of ideals. Yes, it’s seeing the world as abundant, but it’s also feeling that you can grab the world by the privates and take it by storm.

Sort of what I feel like I’m doing now. Haha.

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Why seeing the world as 'abundant' will improve your life ten fold

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