Why men are switched off and women sound like their mum

Why men are switched off and women sound like their mum

Admit it. You’ve done it, you’ve heard it or at least you’ve heard someone express it. “Oh, he never listens to me” or “Jeesus, she’s always nagging me” – these are the ongoing trends of life’s little mysteries as we struggle to live together in an ever growing world. Fact of the matter is that it’s always been like that and it’s never going to change. Why? Because we’re all human and we all make mistakes. Humanity is like a broken record, re-doing the same broken piece. Did you know that the ancient Greeks had theorized splitting the atom? Yep. That was more than 2,000 years ago.

ancient greeks

You see, men and women are entirely different creatures. One craves protection, openness, love, and truth. Whereas the other is a more unsettled beast and needs to be tamed. He craves leadership, loyalty, and fun. Just you watch your friends tumble over one another to be the “big dog” when an attractive female walks into the room. We are striving for equality yet we are not equal in mind. We should strive for the best for everyone.

Anyway. The most important quality in a relationship is communication in my opinion. If you don’t know how to effectively communicate then you’re going to have a bad time. Also, there are ways and means of conveying your point without picking at the nerves of your partner. And luckily for you; because I’m skilled in the arts of communication I’m going to help you on your journey.


Us men have a habit of switching off. We love to watch TV, play the computer, engage in sports, or just anything fun. If we think what you’re saying is unimportant then we’ll lights out faster than a winter electrical blackout. Bring us back to reality by talking about your feelings. Stop telling him that he needs to take the bin out more often or that he needs to start picking up his clothes when he takes them off. Start telling him that by doing all of this it’s making you feel undervalued and feel unappreciated. Or you feel that what you say is of no importance to him. Watch our ears prick up and whatever we’re doing switch off.


By doing this then you are switching the mindset from just another nagging mother to a grown woman that has feelings. It will also switch the responsibility that was laying on you to your partner. Don’t let him dictate the way things are. Switch some responsibility onto him for a change. Be the woman you’ve always wanted to be. Strong, and accountable.


Pretty much like in the last paragraph women have a tendency to turn into a mother, or a version of your mum that nags you A LOT. “God, why can’t you get this done?” Or “why the hell can’t you just wash up a dirty plate now and again”. Women nag for a reason, and I’m guessing that she’s right because when us men are settled we tend to get more comfortable and lazy.

Lazy man

Don’t belittle her by calling her a nag or switching off my friend. Why not tell her “Thanks, I had forgotten to do that” and go and do it. Or, go one further and open up to her and ask “why are you always telling me to do stuff? it makes me feel really uncomfortable” This is a question that will open her up and you can have a proper grown up discussion.

Not rocket science!

It’s not rocket science. I can say that I get nagged too; but mostly for valid reasons. Women, you have to work around our egos. Don’t go in all guns blazing. The male ego is massive – we are a fragile bunch. And Men, you need to talk about her feelings. Women can express themselves very, very well. Asking her how she feels about x, y and z is always going to get you in the good books.


Why men are switched off and women sound like their mum


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