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4 reasons thinking positively will change the way you think about everything

4 reasons thinking positively will change the way you think about everything

I remember at the beginning of my transformation. When I had made that first step to stop drinking and start living. I had a lot of help. I had a lot of positive and empowering people around me. They would sit there and say, “Raymond, you need to try to start thinking positively. It’ll change your life”.

I took what they said at face value, obviously. But the first thing I thought was, “Easy for you. You’ve already done it” – and I often think that’s where we lose our audience. Those of us that have transformed, or are already thinking positively. We actually forget how hard it is to change to positive thinking. It wasn’t that I just woke up one day and thought Yay! I’m positive now. It’s was and is a lifelong project.

But there are certain physical and mental health benefits to thinking positively. You can effectively limit the stress you deal with in life daily, and shed the negative, unwanted altercations that can often crop up from time to time. And change them into positive interactions.

Here’s a few good reasons why thinking positively changes your life, and the ideas behind them:

1. You will start to appreciate life for what it is

Think of life as a perspective. Everyone views life through a different lens. If say, you are depressed, then life will seem much more bleak than someone who is happy. I’d say my current mood was upbeat and positive, so the problems that I struggle through daily, seem far less of a bind than someone that is prone to depression. Life for them would seem disastrous even if our troubles were similar. Think of life as a lens – it changes every time your mood does.

I often like to take myself out into the wilderness with a camera. It’s what makes me really happy. That, or I like to sit at the computer and write. Either or, the more I have time do these, the happier I become. When you introduce happy emotions into your life it starts to get that little bit more positive.

Find what makes YOU happy. And do it. Lots of it.

2. You will feel less need to bring others down with you

Let’s face it. We all do it. We all want to smash the guy that’s doing so well in his life and bragging about it or the pretty Instagram woman that’s oh so much prettier than yourself. We want to hurl abuse and make them feel really, really bad about themselves. It’s why we get angry. Getting angry at something is because whatever we have witnessed, or done, invokes a hurtful feeling in our being, and we lash out because we want others to hurt. Like we are.

When you’re a positive thinker it becomes nice to celebrate in other people’s successes. I have friends that are far more successful than I ever will be. That’s a fact. But I enjoy watching their rise and celebrate their successes. Watching them as they grow and adapt. When you do that you start to learn from them. You don’t see their success as a hindrance and something to be jealous of, but more so a way to learn from their successes and tailor your own life to it.

Pick a successful person you know. Learn from them. Adapt their successful ways to your daily life. If they go for a jog early in the morning and you like that idea. Then do so!

3. You build closer relationships with people

Thinking positively will bring out the best in you, and those around you. I’m one for always picking out the good in people and bringing it to the surface. To me, everyone is awesome. Every, single, person. I think that everyone has a hidden talent and those that haven’t truly shone yet haven’t had the right opportunity to do so or haven’t met the right people. If your group of friends are constantly making you feel silly, worthless or not very good at things then you have the wrong group of friends I’m afraid. I tend to pick people and friends that make me feel really good about myself, and the favour is returned.

Think of your friend circle. Who are the people that you feel most comfortable around? The people that make you feel that you can truly be yourself? Hang around with them more. And the people that are constantly picking at your faults, making you feel silly, or that you have to tread on eggshells with? Hang with them less.

4. Intimate relationships become a lot easier

A partnership, marriage, intimate relationship should be what it says on the tin. If it’s anything but, then it’s time to change your mindset. And I say that in the most positive way. If your partner is constantly picking at you, belittling you, or making you feel anything less than comfortable in their presence then it’s time to make a change. Thinking positively will change the way you see your relationships. The more you do point 3) surrounding yourself with more positive people, the harder it will feel to be judged by those that are closest to you.

An intimate relationship should be a celebration of each other’s strengths and support for one another’s weaknesses. If your partner is picking out the negative in you and shining it to the surface then it’s not a good thing. When you start to view the world from a positive perspective then you will start to see your partners positive sides, which could, in turn, be a lovely domino effect of positivity for both of you. (not always the case, though!)

Pick a positive trait of you partner and compliment them on it. Something non-tangible, for instance, the way they make people feel good, or the way they tell you they love you at night. Pick one, and tell them about it every day. See the positivity in people. Own it 🙂

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Raymond is a Mental Health activist and cryptocurrency enthusiast. He fuels his activism by taking to the web and trying to create core change in the way people interact. As an ex-Community​ Manager, Raymond has a unique approach to communication and relationships and believes the way forward in life is improving the interactions between one another. Raymond started his blogging activities as a way to heal from a chequered past, and through this, his blog has become something far more empowering than he ever imagined. And thus, The Relationship Blogger Magazine was born.

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