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Subhadip Majumdar is a writer poet from India. He is certified in Creative Writing from University of Iowa. He also edited for a long time a reputed Bengali poetry journal. Wrote a short novel as Tumbleweed writer in Shakespeare and Company, Paris. Stories and Poems published all around the world. Two poetry books published and one novel in process of publication.

Summer Warmth


a moment with her

A Moment with Her

bohemian spring

Bohemian Spring


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Lipstick: a Love Story

Jimmy was getting old. He knew he was and he didn’t mind, he kept forgetting things but one thing he couldn’t forget was Her. She...

The Unexpected Gift of My Mother’s Death

My mother was dying. She told me she needed a laugh. “No surprise, mom. In the hospital, everyone does.” “Tell me a joke,” she said. “This...

Solitaire & To the Past— After Visiting the Rutgers Geology Museum

SOLITAIRE In the days before I fell sick I dreamed of myself as a child, watching my grandfather, Salvatore, peel navel oranges. They always opened...

Finding Holy Ground

We stand in front of a ticket window, my flatmate, Lydia, and I, in bustling Victoria Station. Our fingers, still greasy from a hurried...

The Smiling Dog of Sand Creek

He sat there smiling. I hadn't noticed him until my brother brought him to my attention at the dinner table. “Have you seen the...


-- It was on the first day of our seaside holiday that I found him...   First published in Visual Verse, June 2017    

The Girl Who was a Butterfly

Butterflies are not supposed to talk. Yes, I know that. But I am not an ordinary butterfly. My parents were hippies led by the idea...

The High Stakes of Sexual Mystery

October is here, the month of my birth, as is Libra season. Though it happens every year, I am endlessly amazed by the sense...

The Lesson

Terri shouldered her baseball bat and hung her glove on the narrow end. She walked to Mr. Niles’ front steps, climbed them, and rang...