those tears
a cemented memory i can’t shake
i remember from that night
a quiver in the voice that harshly
berated me for simple things
mistakes i can never unmake
a tremble in the hands that bruised me
and gently caressed my face
and the width of those broad shoulders
folded up like discarded paper waste
i froze in place
demanding of myself
how could i
become the very thing i hate
who is this stranger wearing my skin
when ever did i sprout these fangs and claws
when was this monster born within?
i felt my being fracture
a big part of me felt guilty
i felt my soul rupture into two
a part of me giggled and gloated silently
why does this creature live in me?
i’m better off alone
no sanctuary left for me

Sumayyah Talibah © 8 September 2017

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