7 Things Women Notice on a First Date

The struggle of impressing a woman is always the biggest woe  of every man around. “What does a woman wants?” is one question that every man asks himself. The answer is simple! She is not looking for a man who can present her with diamond ring or a make everyday a bed a rose. She just wants a person who she can rely on; a person who can trusted and a man who stands on her expectation.

However, there are certain things that a women notices first in a man. If you are looking forward to leave a lasting impression on a lady, just gear yourself with these factors. Wonder what those factors are? This write-up is a compilation of the various things that a lady looks for in a man. Check them out.

Body language

Women are good observers. They notice the slightest details that may not even cross your mind. Along with the height and weight, body language plays a very vital role. From the way you shake hands to the way you sit, everything is on the radar, especially during the very first meeting. The key is to be yourself. Do not fake your personality. Men, in general, try to speak loudly in order to project self-confidence. A person trying to hide his nervousness is more likely to shake his legs. Moreover, a man who lacks sense of humor will try even harder to make the lady laugh. These are few things that never goes unnoticed from the eyes of a woman.


The appearance and the dressing sense is not just a judging criteria of women, but for men as well. There is no doubt about it that a well-dressed man will grab the attention easily. Studies have proved that ladies like men in formal wear. Moreover, a gentleman with rolled up sleeves is a turn on. Moreover, shirts in solid color or with plaid patterns really grabs the attention. The plaid patterns like that of the Burberry clothing and stripe styles always have an edge over the classic shades in the view of the ladies. Along with the attire, the accessories like the wristwatch and other ensemble contributes a lot to the first impression.

The footwear

The shoes you’re wearing never go unnoticed and for good reasons. It is said that your footwear is the window of your style. Thus, it is important that you invest in the right pair of shoes. The style of the footwear should match the occasion as well as your attire. Along with this, make sure that the shoes are clean and well-polished.


Body odor is the biggest turn off. You just can’t afford to smell bad or very strong when you’re around a lady. Choose a soothing men’s cologne or deodorant. A fragrance that smells very strong is a sign of immaturity. Instead, choose the one that is refreshing and lasts longer. A man who smells good is a true gentleman and will surely attract a lot of attention.


Most men observe the eyes of women first, but the ladies notice the smile of man. This is, in fact, the way of greeting a person. Make sure that you greet her with a smile and she’ll respond in the same way. According to experts, “The ability to smile, particularly within the first few minutes of meeting, sends a welcoming, non-hostile signal to women.”

Personal hygiene and grooming

Nothing disgusts a woman more than an untidy look. She’ll notice even the tiniest stain in your cloth. Along with this, the indulge into facial grooming. An untrimmed and fuzzy beard is the most hated aspect in men. Bathe well, do your hair properly and take care of basic hygiene.

The way you treat her

Believe it or not, ladies do have a very string intuitive power. They can sense what’s wrong or right instantly. The way they react to it may differ from person to person, but you just can’t get away by laying a “bad eye” on her. The way you look at her is the first thing that is noticed by a woman. So, the next time you meet a lady make sure that you tidy your thoughts and show some respect. A gentleman will open the door and pull the chair for the lady, not because she’s unable, but because he wants to make her feel special. However, do not overdo the chivalry. Just give her due respect and the magic will happen.

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