Breaking The Link (For A While): 3 Reasons Why Time Apart Is Good For A Relationship

One of the hallmarks of a strong relationship is being able to stand on your own two feet without needing the other person. But there are times when we can certainly begin to rely on one another and it becomes a ticking time bomb. Once we start to recognize this, we need to remember that having time apart is actually a good thing. But why is time apart actually a positive for a relationship?

It Helps You To Be An Individual

The vast majority of relationship advice out there talks about the fact that you are two individuals that have come together in a spark of love and passion. And when there are couples that do everything together this could be to the detriment of everyone else in their lives. When we start off in a relationship we may only want to be with that other person but there will come a time when we’ve completely forgotten who we are. Learning to be an individual again can be difficult but it’s crucial because if we only spend time with the other person we will lose our identity. And there is no need to lose it. The great thing for both partners in doing things independently of each other is that it helps them to realize how much they care for the other person but it also brings a sense of diversity to the relationship. Couples that only do the same things will not bring different things to the table. This is quite possibly why opposites attract!

You Learn To Miss Each Other

If you don’t spend time away from each other, how can you ever have the opportunity to reacquaint yourself with that feeling of longing for the other person? Absence makes the heart grow fonder of course. And when you spend time away from each other it improves your relationship. Spending time away from each other can help you to recharge in a different way which means that when you come back to the relationship you are happier and healthier in one sense. But when you spend time away yearning for each other is a great component of any relationship because it helps to reinvigorate that sense of passion. Some people think that time away means that the relationship isn’t working. This is far from the case!

They Need Space From You

We can view this as a negative thing. But if you spend all your time together you are putting pressure on the other person as well as the unit. You may think that you everything your partner needs but this is full-blown egotism. If you are depending on the other person for everything you are putting a lot of pressure on them. And this is when fear of abandonment can creep in which will stifle the relationship. Take the opportunity to give the other person some space or spend time with friends and family which will give you both the opportunity to step away and when you come back you can both focus on being an equal part of the relationship.

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