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why do men lie and cheat?

Why do Men Lie and Cheat?

Are all men liars cheaters? Kind of. Not really. Do most people lie at some point in their life? Yes. But habitual lies and...
jealousy is insecurity

Jealousy is Insecurity Unplugged

co-written by Tricia Barker and Ethan Michael Carter Her Perspective:  There are annoying men and women in this world who try to make their dates...


This is the third and final installment of "Travel with a French Writer". You can find the first and second installments here and here.  Each...

begrudge: Poetry by Sumayyah Talibah

i don’t hate you how can i? i’ve been your backbone for years built you a shelter from the snow white storm helped you breathe when you were short of...

The Essentials of Communication: An Aromatherapy Approach

Do you find it difficult to sometimes find it difficult to communicate? I mean, we communicate every day. Either through physically speaking our native...
self love in relationships

The Importance of Self-Love in Relationships

One of the most important messages of my near-death experience was to love myself.  It took me many years to learn this lesson more...
service as a gesture of love

Service as a Gesture of Love

If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me, or I thought to myself, “Don’t be so down, someone else has...
growing up together

Growing Up Together: How to love through personal growth

Many Generation Xers and Millennials are plagued with a “perpetual teenager” kind of feeling.  Not everyone, but some of us.  I know that my...
pleasure in writing

Pleasure in the Writing

An aspect of editing I love is witnessing the pleasure in the writing by contributors. The work shared here bridges personal conviction and global...
emasculation of men

The Effect Of Emasculation On A Man’s Erection

This is a snippet that I found from EJ Love's Facebook page. With her permission I was allowed to post this here because I...