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The power of saying no
Being your busy self

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You Learn From What They Teach

We all have parents, there’s no doubt about that. Every single one of us is the result of two people mixing DNA in a...
how I saved my wife

How I Saved My Wife

She's never openly admitted to me that I've saved her, but I know. I know in my heart that as much as I talk...

7 Things Women Notice on a First Date

The struggle of impressing a woman is always the biggest woe  of every man around. “What does a woman wants?” is one question that...

Tough Love from a Psychic:  Learn to Trust and Develop Your Own Intuition

Sometimes, people call a psychic when they fear their partner is cheating on them or they want to know if a somewhat dramatic romantic...

He Said, She Said

his profile said he wanted honesty & loyalty & long conversations over dinner with wine but the tap of his fingers & twist of his lips...
better together

Here We Are, Better Together

As I have shared previously, Nateanite and I are both pretty introverted and needs lots of time to ourselves to recharge our batteries.  Writing,...
why do men lie and cheat?

Why do Men Lie and Cheat?

Are all men liars cheaters? Kind of. Not really. Do most people lie at some point in their life? Yes. But habitual lies and...
jealousy is insecurity

Jealousy is Insecurity Unplugged

co-written by Tricia Barker and Ethan Michael Carter Her Perspective:  There are annoying men and women in this world who try to make their dates...


This is the third and final installment of "Travel with a French Writer". You can find the first and second installments here and here.  Each...

begrudge: Poetry by Sumayyah Talibah

i don’t hate you how can i? i’ve been your backbone for years built you a shelter from the snow white storm helped you breathe when you were short of...