ask raymond

Ask me anything!

Okay. I have something new for all my fans. I am setting up a column in my blog where you can submit your troubles to me in the form below and I’ll read them out and comment on them underneath.

My hope for this is to see if I can help you a little in gaining some traction towards achieving a better life for yourself.

My approach is holistic and I am not an accredited professional; although I do have 10 years in the Mental Health industry, a ton of training and expert interpersonal skills if that helps! 🙂

Questions can be anything life related – but please give me more than just:

“My boyfriend cheated on me and I don’t know what to do”

Because with this I have little to no information at all. As much information as possible would be awesome!!

What’s on your mind?

I will endevour to answer everyone. Posts will be weekly and increase steadily depending on demand.