Bleeding Youth

The midnight coffee beans always remind me of her-
the desk lamp the open laptop the half open window,
the curtains dance softly in wind.
I stare at the cold moon on the white empty bed
and the chair just beside
a room with a resemblance of the one
where Van Gogh stayed and painted in Arles
before one day he killed himself.
I see my half vanished face in darkness,
I laugh to the image and nod my head.
The bleeding youth remembers
the kiss that is still left on the lips.

Subhadip Majumdar

Subhadip Majumdar is a writer poet from India. He is certified in Creative Writing from University of Iowa. He also edited for a long time a reputed Bengali poetry journal. Wrote a short novel as Tumbleweed writer in Shakespeare and Company, Paris. Stories and Poems published all around the world. Two poetry books published and one novel in process of publication.

  1. Nicely penned.

  2. Thanks Sadah!

  3. Full of emotion and philosophy. Thanks for ideas shared, Subha.

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