BoardBooster and Tailwind. Boosting your Pinterest experience

So I had one of my friends tell me that she was looking to increase her engagement and visits on Pinterest. And to me that was a no brainer, I told her:

Two words, Tailwind and Boardbooster. But rather than ask me to explain to her there and then what needs to be done, she encouraged me to shove it in my marketing academy. And, that’s what I’ve done. Which, stupidly I should have thought about myself, but, that’s why I have such amazingly helpful contacts. We are inspiration for each other, which I think is amazing.

I’ve swiped two of my videos out of my training course which explain boardbooster and tailwind a bit more in depth. You can get the whole course free if you sign up for my newsletter, and that will cover a whole range of Pinterest activities to truly set you on your way to getting better traffic.

The first one I’m going to talk about is Boardbooster. Mainly because this has increased my engagement and hits ten fold. I didn’t realise at first that it’s good practise to recycle pins to group boards every so often, but by doing so, and on a craftily automated autopilot it can increase those views to your site to no end.

To navigate to Boardbooster click here. You’ll get a free trial with this link too, so that’ll set you on your way to try it out for yourself. I only do try before you buy. I really don’t like buying blind. This gives you the option to try it before you make a monthly or yearly commitment.

Here’s the video:


Next on the list is Tailwind. With this link you’ll get a free trial too. Try before you buy! I use tailwind as a sharing platform. I’m not too big on creating my own content from it, however I can schedule out other people’s pins and share them on my board – and that’s the beauty of it. People that are attracted to other’s pins stop by and stay for a while. Check out what I mean below.

Here’s the video:


I hope you guys enjoyed that. By all means feel free to ask me absolutely anything in the comments below and please subscribe to my marketing newsletter if you’re interested to know more, and get some freebies! Thank ya 🙂

boosting your pinterest experience with boardbooster and tailwind

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  1. Thanks for this, Raymond. I’ve been meaning to learn more about these. Great info.

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