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It’s March and here at The Relationship Blogger we are stepping away from themes for a bit. I suppose you could say we are switching gears to a more generalized theme: all voices.

In the last three months, LGBTQIA+ and voices of color have come home to roost. This is a grand success for us, and we want to make it bigger. Diversity is important. We want your heartfelt stories, your struggles and triumphs when it comes to relationships and mental health. We want the beautiful rainbow of you.

Also this month, our opt-in pot goes back up to $200 US. This is in large part due to another new feature of this site: the advent of the crypto-conversation.

Raymond has been working hard in every corner of crypto to establish an income for this magazine outside of advertising. He is succeeding. If you want to be part of our continued growth, let us know. Have a column? Pitch it. Have an essay? Send it. Have a story? Tell it. Have a question? Ask it.

Thank you for journeying with us this far. We are grateful for you.


Shawna Ayoub Ainslie


Raymond Baxter

TRB Owner

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