Probably most pivotal to starting a better life was my openness to learning. I had always been a fan of upskilling myself but the social circles that I ran around in had painted the path of learning, colleges and universities as a negative idea, and I didn’t want to end up being isolated from my friends. For me at the time, friends and social circles were more important to me than anything else because I had no family to fall back upon. They were over 600 miles away. In the UK that’s a HUGE distance.

Luckily for me, (or not so lucky) when I stopped drinking, the acquaintences that I had and the people that I regularly associated myself with faded away into the background. I ended up alone for a while anyway. I had nothing to lose when it came to learning, and I adopted a more positive mindset towards upskilling; it was something I had always wanted to do.

And when I began it was like a new world was presented to me. It was amazing. My regular day was work, home, 4 walls and a pub. But by picking up books and watching documentaries I was transported to eras in the distant past, teaching me about the beginning of society and how it effects us today. I learned fact, I learned fiction, I learned so many possibilities I truly found out how incredibly amazing the world was. And most importantly I learned how badly I was wasting my life by drinking and drugging it away.

So thus began a beautiful transformation from being relatively closed minded and not very knowledgeable to very open minded and seeing the world for the wonderful and abundant place that it is.

And this is what I would like to talk about today; how learning can positively impact on your life as it has mine.

Please, enjoy!

I'm a man that's been through the pitfalls and elations of relationships in my ever growing quest to better my knowledge in the human condition. I've been in the game and around the Internet since 1996 and surprisingly I'm still using it today. I've definitely found myself in some weird and wonderful places and I hope to share all of this with you lucky people.

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