How I create my happiness

how I create my happiness

I am happiness.

I have happiness because I look at the world differently. I don’t see material wealth as a happy thing. Money, flash cars and big houses mean nothing to me. Agreed, it would make my life much easier but it’s not where my happiness comes from. Popularity isn’t happiness either. When I was younger being popular, fitting in and having the coolest shoes or the prettiest girlfriend was all that I wanted but I was dreadfully unhappy. Unhappy enough to attempt suicide. Twice.

My big mistake was that I was looking at other people to make my happiness for me, but then I realised if I ask people to create my happiness then does that mean I ‘need’ them? In their world that means they ‘own me’.

No. My happiness is created from within.

I am happy.

I’m happy because I give willingly to other people without want of return. By doing my piece for the community, country, and world makes me happy. I’m happy because I do things that make me happy, and I don’t let other people try and tell me that what I’m doing isn’t the route to happiness. People usually get that wrong. It’s common for others to think that their route is the divine route to happiness, but everyone’s path is different. I get extreme enjoyment from a fulfilling blog post, like this one, whereas a friend my get enjoyment from a car ride or a photo shoot. The world is an endless portal of self-fulfilling happiness activities. Blogging is my happiness.

And when people tell me that I’ve helped, at least just a little, then that makes me happy. My hard work and effort to balance the imbalances of life has paid off, in some way. From a small thank you, or someone to approach me via word of mouth or a post that they’ve read. Yeah, that makes me happy. I feel worthwhile.

I’m also happy because I know I’m not perfect. I am aware that I’m screwing up constantly and hashing up with the wife and son. I’m not perfect and that makes me dreadfully happy. Because if I was perfect the burden of doing everything the ‘right’ way would be far too much to bare. Knowing that in my grand perfection, I managed to slip up and make a mistake. No, I know I make mistakes and I’m happy that I do, because I see them as a learning opportunity to do it better next time.

I’m happy because I tell the truth. I don’t need to spend days navigating the different lies I’ve told different people. Life is supposed to be simple, lying makes it complex. I’m happy that I can tell the truth to people and they would believe me because I’ve never gave them reason to sense doubt. I don’t need to pretend either. I don’t need to give off this immaculate impression of me to whomever I’m speaking to, that I’m this minor deity that does no wrong, no, I’m just a regular guy and if you want to know anything I’ll tell you, or perhaps you can read it on this blog.

Most importantly I don’t lie to myself. I don’t need to kid on everything is perfect whilst the world is crumbling at my feet. I live in the now, and I’ll embrace whatever troubles me with all my heart. I won’t sweep it under the carpet and I certainly won’t pretend it doesn’t exist. I’m a hundred percent honest with myself and everyone else.

I’m happy because I no longer need addictions to ‘make’ me happy. Drugs, alcohol, money, not in this new life that I’ve created for myself. As soon as I started to think I ‘needed’ any ingested substance to ‘make’ me happy then the game was over. I might as well hang my coat up and let my addictions control my world. No, I create my own awesome, thank you.

I am me, and I am happy. I am awesome.

What brand of happiness are you?

how I create my happiness

how I create my happiness

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