How to take online courses

How to take online courses

To be honest I had no clue about Online Learning when I first started. I hadn’t the foggiest idea when I sat at google and punched in “how to take online courses” what would come up in my search. I had no idea how it would even be feasible; I’m 36 and my days at School were with pen and paper and a Teacher at the blackboard. So the notion of even trying something online was new to me and scary.


I was surprised I must admit when I first found Udemy and it’s vast array of free starter courses. Introductory courses that pave the way for stepping into larger, and more taxing learning areas. Yet, the surprising thing is that all I needed to undertake these courses were:

  • A computer
  • A quiet room
  • People in your household with the understanding that you are studying

No need for huge glossy notebooks or notepads. These were always the bain of my life in the past. My paper used to get everywhere and I sucked at referring to my notes. Online Learning is completely different, and when I started to answer my question of: how to take online courses, I quickly realised that absolutely everything was completed online.

Especially when I learned with Udemy. Udemy to me was like a godsend. It required nothing but myself and a small room with the proper functionalities of a working computer with the specifications acceptable for what I was undertaking. I expect if you were to take a course on graphic design then you would need a higher specification computer than if you were undertaking a course on learning How To Become an Amazon Affiliate (for beginners)

Be wary too. Anything that requires creating images or videos on your computer will require an above average PC. I only say this because I’m frequently creating videos and pictures. Yes, you can, however, create them on a less compatible PC. In my earlier days when my PC wasn’t up to much, I would often find myself having to leave my PC alone for a long time whilst it renders and processes my data. Stalls, and the likes.

Learning in 2016 has taken a very modern route. It has given rise to online establishments such as Udemy, and Shaw Academy and seen the fall of community learning where money was ripely available to study in community establishments all around the country. Yet, I don’t feel this is a bad thing, I feel that it is a different route we’re travelling with Learning. One that is seeing a great rise to learning on your own, but in a group. If that makes sense? My last course was one on writing. I learned with 3,000 other people at the same time yet because I understood the course material I felt no need to join in with the community.

And that’s the beuty of it. You have more choices and more options available. And, you can come and study as you wish. Take a break for three months and come back later. A really, really good venture if you ask me.

I'm a man that's been through the pitfalls and elations of relationships in my ever growing quest to better my knowledge in the human condition. I've been in the game and around the Internet since 1996 and surprisingly I'm still using it today. I've definitely found myself in some weird and wonderful places and I hope to share all of this with you lucky people.

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