Improve writing skills? No Problem!

Improve writing skills? No Problem!

I’ve been writing on the Internet for a long time. And it never occurred to me that I would need to update my Grammar and improve writing skills continually. In fact, I always thought my Grammar was damn near perfect. Yet, the English language is ever changing and moulding and before I know it something that I’ve done for 30 years becomes old fashioned. Like the two spaces after a full stop for example. I was forever correcting my superiors on this; telling them that it exists no more. Web sites won’t accept it either if you were to submit to a big one. Needs to be one space after the full stop now.

I was browsing the web at work one day to search for some information, as I usually did. The web is an awesome source of fresh and updated information for us. And somehow, I can’t remember how exactly but I stumbled across this application called Grammarly. Not entirely sure why I decided to download it either. I was arrogant with my English, I knew my stuff. I’m a writer. We don’t need Grammar checkers. That’s for people that can’t spell I would often tell people that offered me their new spell checker. I was always near the top of the class when it came to spelling. Yet, curiosity got the better of me I expect.

How Grammarly literally changed my life

Did it improve writing skills? It did far more than that. I’m often belting out 3000-word articles on this blog and I always feel that my writing and grammar was near perfect. Grammarly shone a different light on things. After a long article, I would always touch it up before editing. That means any typo’s or bad wording I would change before the final copy is sent for the public to see. Yet Grammarly was picking up on things that I had not noticed before, or even knew about. And I must say that it’s not one of these run of the mill half-assed programmes that are released before it’s ready. It’s an awesome, fully thought out text editor.

When I logged into the application I found that I could add it to Microsoft Word and as a Chrome extension. I expect it has other extensions for other browsers but I’m a Chrome man. And what’s literally amazing. What REALLY does it for me is that it doesn’t just help you with text on writing editors like WordPress, blogs or websites. It does it ANYWHERE. This was the killer functionality bonus for me. I was literally blown away. Facebook? No problem. No longer will I be irritated by those pesky grammar nazi’s and their intolerable ways. Commenting on a blog? No problem! Seriously, anything that involves me, chrome and typing and I have my trusty helper along the way.

That’s not all, though. If I pay a subscription it becomes a Plagiarism checker and so much more. I can’t honestly say that I use it for Plagiarism checking right now because I feel my blog isn’t big enough, yet. But I will definitely be upgrading when it does.

Happier writing

I can admit that now I’m much happier writing because I know that my Grammar is in safe hands and there is direct access for anyone to improve writing skills were they to download this. My writing HAS improved through using Grammarly, and I’m now more aware of my common mistakes. Because I learn through doing. And when it points it out to me I remember for the next time.

Good luck! I’m sure you’ll benefit from it as much as me!

Improve writing skills

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  1. I agree; I stumbled across grammarly by chance as well and found that it was indeed helpful. Definitely better than relying on Microsoft word’s proofreading. We have become so dependent on artificial intervention that even if we proofread, we would not be satisfied.

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