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Instagram Followers? Don’t waste your time buying them

So I’ve used instamate for little over a year now, and if I’m honest I’ve been a little apprehensive when using this application. For the first seven months I spent a good amount of time promoting my facebook, twitter, and Pinterest channels, whilst not really fully realising the potential of instamate and what it could offer me. A good bunch of instagram followers for a start. I mean I’ve only been using it for a few months now, but since I started using it, I’ve seen a dramatic rise in my instagram followers. And the best thing about it?

I find Instagram followers are the most engaged readers.

Almost all hits to my site from Instagram have been from someone that’s stayed for a good read of what I have to offer, and it’s beneficial to me, because when people stay for a good read then I know that my content is good.

But that’s not the best thing about Instamate, you see. You’ll not quite find another program on the web that offers the same service as these people do. They post my pictures directly from my computer to my Instagram. You can’t do that on any other program out there and believe me, I’ve tried. All competitors require an intervening mobile phone, and by that I mean top marketing programs such as Buffer and Hootsuite come close, but you still need authorization from a mobile phone. And, if you’re like me and like hand-creating a lot of your graphics, sharing lovely quotes and designing media to fit your niche, then it’s quick and super easy to use Instamate. I has literally been the one-stop solution that I’ve been looking for.

No more using two or more apps in connection with what I want done. Just upload my picture and enter my text, bam, done.

Instagram scheduling done the easy way

And let’s talk about their scheduling system, which I am the most happiest with. Sometimes I have a good amount of material I want to share with my fans, but I know through bitter experience that if I overload them with content I’m more likely to lose readers than gain them, so for me, setting a couple of hours in between three or four posts in a day can be worth it. And I can do this – without being at my PC. Awesome? I know, right!

There’s also a great tool in there which can increase your instagram followers engagement ten fold when applied properly. It’s the ability to search for trending content and start sharing it from your account. Yep, that’s right, you can repost other peoples awesome pictures on your own account to increase your own engagement. Personally, I like to reference them in the picture, and make sure what I’m sharing isn’t copyrighted – so for example I wouldn’t share anything from Universal studios, but I absolutely love sharing life quotes from popular accounts to increase my instagram followers and engagement.

The tagging system

The tagging system needs a little work, there are popular tags that you can copy and paste into your pictures, but personally I find them far away from my niche, and unrelated. I tend to use my own tags for the people that I want to reach, which can be time consuming, but I recommend getting a notepad and jotting down the tags that work for you, then after a while it’s a simple copy and paste job.

It’s an all in one package for growing targeted niche accounts for your products, or if you’re a fellow blogger like me, then expect to use it as a marketing tool to increase your engagement and instagram followers over time. I have been growing steadily over these last few months, and I must say I’m very happy. And the beauty of it all is that I don’t need to add my instagram account to any other marketing apps. Why? Because this is a total all in one solution for instagram, and at an affordable once off price. Yep, there’s no monthly subscription or anything like that. Just pay once and you’re done, boom! How awesome is that, right?

Sound good? Why not give it a shot? I promise, I only promote the good stuff!

Instamate - the best app for getting instagram followers

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