Laughter :

I came to you, always
With a restless heart
When I am full of darkness within
No light, in the horizon
I stand at the mirror
Shade off all my clothes
Stark naked, I know
It is time to go.

I don’t know what you mean to me
Escape is a cliche word for you
But somewhere between solace and pain
I find you
Staring at me
I then find ,one night after a day’s work
That my feet are bleeding
A night bird sitting on the window at that moment
Remind me of the wings, which once
I was so proud of.

Dreams come to me like touches of women
Some kissed ,some unkissed
Some like a moonlit memory in lonely bed
Yet, you came one night across all the unsent letters and forgotten addresses
You picked me up
I am on the shore
When the next storm came.

Silent bleedings are gone now
It is time for death
If lightning is death, let it be
A walk towards the stormy sea
The rest is easy and soon I am flying
Those sleepless nights, brewing coffee, whisper of shadows
All with me now,
Till the lightning once more struck
I am thrown to sands
Left, with a life
Which has crossed thousand laughters of death.

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