Learn with Udemy

Learn with Udemy

Udemy is distance learning for the distracted. I really, really enjoyed learning with Udemy because of the unparalleled support and guidance I received from taking their courses. You see, at Udemy I had direct access to my tutor and could leave questions about any of the course material and beyond. The best part was that if I was busy and didn’t have the time to sit at my computer and learn for a couple of hours I was able to come back at any point in my life. The beauty is that it’s always there. Always. Forever. So when you delve into that student room it will be there for you until it’s closed. It’s an awesome learning tool and this is why I’m telling you about it.

Udemy is more swayed to people that want to learn technical subjects relating to work on a PC. After all, you are learning from a PC so the subject matter would be quite fitting. There are a HUGE range of courses at Udemy spanning from Business all the way to Computer Programming. Yes, that’s right, you can learn what the professionals are learning. The only difference is, is that you won’t receive a recognised qualification at the end of it. But you will know the subject and that’s what matters.

However. Udemy isn’t just limited to Computers and Business. You can find a range of courses that can take you on a journey to free you from the internal shackles that bind you, to cross-stich your way to a lovely picture or learning more in-depth techniques on dating and relationships.

Some of the best Internet marketing courses have came out of this learning platform. Tutors such as Alun Hill that teach you how to make the best out of all your social media and Amazon accounts. Courses are expensive but worth it in my opinion because you can’t just learn this stuff from browsing the web. There is always an avenue to make money and there are so many people browsing the web as we speak. Wouldn’t it be nice to grab a piece of that pie?

If you fancy yourself as a teacher you can always teach for Udemy too. I would highly suggest that you undertake one or two courses from other people first to get an idea of what people will want and expect from you. But Udemy offers a range of support and guidance for people that want to make it as a teacher. I will dedicate a post to this.

All in all one of the better learning platforms because once you part with money for the course, a one time payment then it’s yours forever. To read and re-read whenever you want. Amazing. Some learning platforms like Lynda.com don’t offer that support which is a shame.


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