The #linkyourlife weekly roundup 2nd December 2016

The linkyourlife weekly roundup

Thanks for letting me host the weekly round up guys. I’m a day late so I apologise for that. I was too engrossed in a book that I’m writing, but alas, It’s here now. Hope you all enjoy it. If you’re new here – please check out some of the links by some of the best authors I know. Enjoy!

An interview with Bull & Dagger

An absolutely great interview and general insight by Linda Hobden into why the CEO and Founder of Bull & Dagger, a London based genderqueer fashion label came into practise, it’s market and what their plans are.

Your guide to understanding music reviews

Next up on the list, Thomas Hocknell delivers a fantastic article on what to expect from reading music reviews, how to read between the lines and a fascinating history of music to compliment his theories.

Where I Belong

Rachel A. Hanson warms our hearts with a nice little article about the journey to her love of music and some of the composers along the way.

Sin Twister and Amnesia

Nicole Lyons from the Lithium Chronicles blesses us with a very truthful and relateable poem about alcohol and abuse. I shivered whilst I read them!

My Mask

It’s Thomas Ives’s blog – bestowing fire next. A beautifully written article on the the mask an introvert must put on to keep at peace with the world. A mentally draining feat!

Ten Writing & Publishing Tips to Remember by Olivia-Savannah

Olivia Savannah guest posts on Paving the Authors Road on what her favourite writing and publishing tips are!

What I tell myself about my body

Another spot on article from Shawna Ainslie about disordered eating and the shame and pressure media and society put on women about their weight and look.

Shadi and Me: Finding Common Ground Through Music

Shareen Mansfield up next and an amazing piece on cultural diversity, war, terror and being american-born middle eastern. It’s a great read!

Sins of the Father

Another one by ME this time. It’s about realising later that I was becoming my father through introspection, and how I met narcissists all through my life.

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