A beginners guide to marketing with your blog

A beginners guide to marketing with your blog

You can literally lose yourself in the plethora of marketing programs out there that accommodate small bloggers. Like me as a new and upcoming writer I wanted to get myself known and shove my name right out there. Those were probably the best and worst things I could have done with my blog. Initially it was the worst because before I knew it I was knee deep in a hundred marketing programs that all promised you the world yet delivered a punch in the face and ran away with your wallet. Sound like you? Read on.

The first thing I would say is for you to avoid Fiverr.com and seoclerks like the plague. Why? Well because they sell their services at $5 per pop. The service you’ll get will barely be worth a fiver, let alone a one in a million. Yes, you may find a really good marketer out there but most of them sell you stuff delivered by bots that’s more than likely to get you banned and delisted from anything important. Trust me on this.

Now it eventually ended up being the best thing that happened to me because I now know how to spot a steal and run marketer a mile away. I ended up honing them down to three neat little services and one that I’m reserving judgement on at the moment. To effectively Market my services I use these three apps. They each bring something different to the table so I’ll talk about them individually.


Hootsuite is an absolutely awesome engagement tool for anything Social. Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Linkedin and a ton more. You name it; it more than likely has it. It’s also one of the only tools I’ve found that can post to Instagram effectively. It’s not an auto poster though. Don’t think you can just set and run hootsuite then go off on your holidays. Hootsuite is for engagement.

  • If you have the extra money to pay a couple of bucks per month then I’d suggest these three. Tailwind for Pinterest. Tailwind manages the best times for you to post pins and schedules them automatically for you. Saving having to make time to post at your optimal times.
  • Iconosquare for Instagram. Instagram being an absolutely awesome fan engagement app and linkback tool you can search for tags and people, and see what everyone is posting about. Review what’s trending and engage with your fans. It’s a must if you’re a heavy instagrammer.
  • GeoPiq for twitter. Like iconosquare you can check what people are talking about, watch the latest hashtags and search for people and hashtags in your niche. It’s really good for engaging with new people




It’s 00:14. I should be in bed! But luckily for me that once I’ve finished with writing the post I can. Why? Because SocialOomph is the best auto-scheduler around in my opinion. Want to link your twitter account to the very best rss feeds in your niche and have updates sporadically pop out day after day whilst you sleep? Look no further. SocialOomph has absolute tons of auto-schedule options available for every kind of social network. You can create a list of your entire blog post history and have your accounts spout them out randomly, or planned over a lifetime. If you want automation without having to lift a finger – this is the way to go


This is a beast for social engagement. For your Facebook pages it works an absolute treat and it’s good for twitter too. You see it’s not about reading your stuff. It’s about creating engagement. What it does is really something quite magical. It gets people talking on your social accounts with popular posts. That’s right; each day it curates the most popular and widely shared posts, pictures and text from the biggest social accounts and webpages and delivers it right to your little feed. And it’s not automatic which is the beauty of it all. You get to pick and choose what you want to share and when. So you can schedule a ton of really awesome pictures and content for weeks and weeks ahead and it will get your fans talking and laughing and engaging. What do you do in between? Share some of your own content!! An active page is a happy page! Within one month of using this tool I had grew my Facebook followers by 500 fans. Yup, that’s 50% and my engagement went from one or two people and skyrocketed to 900. Awesome tool!




I’m reserving judgement on this one. Purely because I’ve only been using it for perhaps a few days. And I’m using my Free Trial just to see if it works out for me. This app seems to be a mix between automation and engagement. But I am really impressed for the moment, mainly because I’ve gained more followers since I’ve used it than I have in the last month. You can auto message your fans and thank them for following you, and fans that pay attention to updates are well thanked too. It also has a ton of suggestions – follow up on leads, engage old messages and a lot more. So if you’re like me – sign up for a free trial and see what it does!


Hopefully you’ve gained a bit of insight to my marketing ways here. And I hope this little definition of what I use helps! šŸ™‚


A beginners guide to marketing with your blog

I'm a man that's been through the pitfalls and elations of relationships in my ever growing quest to better my knowledge in the human condition. I've been in the game and around the Internet since 1996 and surprisingly I'm still using it today. I've definitely found myself in some weird and wonderful places and I hope to share all of this with you lucky people.

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