Part of your world – Allison Hill

Part of your world – Allison Hill

Accidentally Allison – Allison Hill

I was lucky enough to have this waiting in my inbox this morning. It seems Allison is really getting into this. And who would I be to stop a good thing, right?

This is the quote that she left me (whilst I was asleep might I add, because we have a large time difference!), This is beautiful.

“So we’ve all wanted to be something or someone different at one time or least I have”

And I can really relate to that. There was a time when I wanted to be someone else, anyone, just not me. Have you?

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  1. I’m sorry happy because this song made me feel like I could be part of this world. Being an American who traveled with her family I felt out of place. This song still makes me happy. Also, I have dibs on being her agent. Just Saying. Dibs.

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